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Billing: Texting/Emailing Invoices/Statements in CLIPitc
Billing: Texting/Emailing Invoices/Statements in CLIPitc

Texting and Emailing invoices/statements in CLIPitc

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This article goes over how to Text/Email your generated Invoices/Statements once they have been created. Please note that this Article does not include the Invoicing steps and assumes the bills have been correctly generated.

If you do not know how to generate Invoices/Statements please review the following articles:

You can quickly navigate to a set of instructions using the buttons below:

Setting Customers to receive Invoice Texts/Emails

Before we do anything with templates or texting/emailing customer's invoices we first need to set them up to receive them. This is as easy as checking a box in the customer file's General tab:

Once you have entered a valid email/phone number into the appropriate fields and checked the Email Invoices/Text boxes for each you just click the "Save" button and that customer is ready to receive Invoice Texts/Emails.

Setting up Invoice Text Template(s)

Step 1: Navigate to the Invoice Text tab

This can be found under Customers>Marketing/Emails>Invoice Text:

In this screen you will set up your text templates, this is the default templates you will want to use when texting your invoices to customers! You can have more than one template, that way you can set up unique ones for things like seasonal work, special offers that are available to customers, or holiday messages. In this example we are creating a simple Invoice Text.

Step 2: Creating the Invoice Text Template

There are two dropdowns in the Invoice Text tab. The first one is the Template Selection dropdown. This is where you will be able to see and select your individual templates and houses your collection of said templates:

You can create new templates by clicking on the "Add New Template" button found directly to the right of the template dropdown. Here you will be able to name your template and set up your text invoice template.

The second drop down is the Tags dropdown. The tags offer a great deal of automation, such as inserting the customer's Display name, how much they owe, and a link to said invoice:

To add a tag you will select one from the Tags dropdown and click "Add" found directly to the right of the drop down. This will add the tag where ever your cursor is (just like if you were typing, however please note if you try to type the tag into the body of the Invoice Text it may not work) Below is a list of the most important available tags and what they do:

[Include Amount]

Inserts the amount owed for the invoice. If the customer owes $100 for this invoice, that amount is what would be listed here.


Inserts a link that customers can open that shows them their invoice in the browser. This works really well with the customer portal but it is not required that you use the customer portal to use this tag, it will still show them their invoice in the browser.

[Total Amount]

Inserts the total amount the customer owes. For example if the invoice is for $100 but the customer still owes $100 from the last invoice this tag would show the total amount owed of $200.

[Anonymous Payment Link]

If you use CLIPPay to take payments but you do not use the Customer Portal this tag will include an Anonymous Payment Link so that customers can make their payment online. This will require you to match the payment to the customer using the Match Anonymous Payments feature found under Invoice>More>Match Anonymous Payments.

[Display Name]

Inserts the customer's Display Name as found in the Customer Files General tab.

Step 3: Create and Save your Template

Once you have filled out the body of your Invoice Text Template you will need to click Save to add it to your list of Invoice Text Templates. Your Invoice Text Template will look something like this:

Congratulations! You have now created your template and are ready to text out your invoices to your customers!

Setting up your Invoice Email Template

Invoice Email Templates are very similar to Invoice Text templates, the only real differences are that you have more freedom with the visual presentation of emails, such as pasting images into the email such as your company logo (This uses the Copy/Paste tool native to your computer and is usually CTRL+C to copy the image and CTRL+V to paste it. It will paste it where ever your cursor is just like a tag), and that Invoice emails do not have a template system currently available as of writing this article, which means you only have one Invoice Email template available at any given time. The Invoice Email Template can be found under Customers>Marketing/Emails>Invoice Emails:

The tags are the same as the Invoice Text tags as well, including how you insert them into your template, so if you successfully created an Invoice Text Template you are ready to create your Invoice Email template as well! Once you have created your Invoice Email template you can click "Save" to save it as your template and you are ready to Email your Invoices!

Texting/Emailing Invoices to Customers

Now that we know how to set up customers to receive Email/Text invoices and how to create the templates for them we are ready to actually send them out! The following steps assume you have already created your invoices and are ready to send them to your customers using text/email. It does not go over the invoicing steps and if you do not know how to generate invoice please review the relevant articles on that subject, the links to those articles can be found at the top of this article.

Texting Invoices

Step 1: Navigate to the Text Invoices screen

To Text invoices you will need to navigate to the "Text Invoices" screen. This is found in the Invoice tab where you generate invoices towards the bottom of the page:

Step 2: Select the Invoices you wish to send

Once you click on the "Text Invoices" button you will be taken to the invoice selection screen. Here you will check the boxes for the invoices you wish to send via text and click "Send" in the bottom right corner:

Step 3: Select your template

Once you have clicked on "Send" you will be greeted with the following screen:

Here you can select which template you wish to use for your Text Invoices as well as make any last minute adjustments you may need. Once you are satisfied with your Text Invoice all you need to do is click on the "Send" button and your Text Invoices will start sending. Once they are done sending you will see this screen:

Once you see this screen you will have successfully completed the steps to send Text Invoices, congratulations!

Emailing Invoices

Step 1: Navigate to the Email Invoices screen

To Email invoices you will click on the "See Invoices to be emailed" button as shown in the bellow image. It is found in the Invoice tab where you generate your invoices:

Step 2: Select the Invoices you wish to email and send them

Once in the Invoice Selection screen you can check the boxes next to the invoices you wish to email. Once you have selected the emails you wish to send you can click the "Send" button to email them out to your customers:

NOTE: If you see an invoice you do not wish to email out at all, for instance if the customer already paid, you can check the box for that invoice and click on "Remove Checked Emails" found in the bottom left corner of this screen to remove them from the email-able invoice list.

Once you have clicked on "Send" you will be greeted with this screen:

Wait patiently for all the emails to be sent out and once you see this screen you are done:

Once you see this screen you will have successfully completed the steps to send invoices via email, congratulations!

If you have any issues feel free to contact our Support Team using the chat box found in the bottom right corner of your CLIPitc screen!

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