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Setting Up Your Customer Portal In CLIPitc
Setting Up Your Customer Portal In CLIPitc

How to set up your Customer Portal to allow your customers to interact with your business and make payments on their own

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The Customer Portal is an awesome feature that allows your customers to be deeper connected with your company. With the CLIPitc Customer Portal, your customers can request services, view their balance/history, and even pay their bill!

By the end of this manual, your customers will be able to be connected to you as their service provider through our live Customer Portal.

Activating Your Customer Portal

First, log into your CLIPitc account and go to your settings.

Next, click on the Customer Portal Tab.

You will now be in the portal settings window. This is where you can create your portal invite emails, portal theme, and choose which emails you want your customers service notes and requests to be sent to. This way you can make sure they are getting into contact with the right person in your office. We'll take a closer look at each of these settings now.

The first thing you need to do is activate the parts of the portal you want to utilize.

Enable Home tab Checking this selection will allow the home tab to be seen when your customers login to the portal.

Enable Payment tab Checking this will allow the Payment tab to be seen when customers login, or click on a payment link in an email.

Enable Invoices tab Checking this will allow the Invoice tab to be seen when customers login, or click on an invoice link in an email.

Enable History tab Checking this will allow the History tab to be seen.

Enable Service Notes tab Checking this will allow the service notes tab to be seen.

Enable Auto Pay Option Allows you to let your customers save cards for future autopayment.

Show Charges in history Allows your customers to see charges in the history tab.

Show Payments in history Allows your customers to see Payments that they have made in the history tab.

Enable Logins Allows your customers to login with their portal account on

Before you send out invites to your customers, you'll want to format your customer invite email by clicking "Edit invitation email."

From here you can write the message you want to appear on the email invite. Please note, the email your customers receive will have a button between your message and the bottom that sends them to the sign up page. The simpler the message the better; keep it short, clear, and to the point. You can use the quick editing options to customize the look, and even use HTML for in-depth editing. Here is a screen shot of how I set mine up:

Once you're happy with how it looks just click save!

You can also send a Sample Email to yourself to see exactly how it will look to your customers in their inbox by keying in your email address in the Send Sample Email field and clicking Send Sample

On this same page, you can write your Auto-Charge Emails. This will be sent to them immediately after they make a payment.

In CLIPitc you're given quite a few options in how to customize the look of your portal. You can even modify in HTML, so customization is nearly endless. I won't be going over how to edit in HTML, but I will show you some simple ways to make the portal your own.

Portal Theme Color will be the accent color in your portal for tabs and buttons.

Portal Background Color is the color behind your Portal Theme Color.

Portal Header Background gives you the option to upload a portal header. This may be your company logo or just a nice header image that matches your website

Text on Home Page Whatever you put here will show up on the first page the customer sees when they log in. You can add a video teaching them how to use the portal, add pictures of newly finished landscaping projects, post announcements about weather delays, or holiday greetings. You can even use it to announce seasonal services like aeration and overseeding or spring cleanups.

Here is how I have set mine up. I kept it pretty simple.

If you are happy with how yours is, just click save!

Now let's see how that looks! Just click "View Sample Portal." (NOTE: be sure to save your changes before you view the sample portal or the changes may be lost)

Here is how mine will look. If I'm not happy with it, I can review my customizations and consider adding HTML and embed images.

If you are happy with how everything looks, it is time to invite your customers to your customer portal. To do that, go to a customer you want to invite. As a reminder before sending, make sure you have a valid email for this customer!

Just click "Send Portal Registration Link".

CLIPitc will then tell you if the registration was sent successfully.

When your customer receives the email, all they need to do is click to Activate Account to be taken to their Portal.

Once they do that, the portal will open up in their browser. From there, they will just need to create a password and click "Sign Up"!

As soon as they enter a strong password the customer portal will open right up for them and they can begin using it to its fullest!

From here they can view their history, pay bills, and contact you to send a note or request a service! See below for an idea of how this will look:


View History

Send a service note

Request A Service

To manage your customers portal accounts click on the "Manage Portal users" Button. The default view will show you all customers that have a portal account along with their email, and autopay status. You can check customers that you want to email, or send a reset password email, then click the button.

To view your customers that don't have a portal account check the "Show Customers without an account" checkbox.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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