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[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] Adding Employees, Crews, & Users
[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] Adding Employees, Crews, & Users

CLIPxe or QCLIPxe users learn how to add employees, crews, & users!

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This article will show how to add/edit employees, crews, and users. Employees will want to be added in CLIP before adding crews. Having employees, crews, and users setup is a prerequisite for utilizing CLIP2Go/CLIPConnect. Other than CLIP2Go, employees are used when recording jobs in CLIP & reports.


  • Add Employee(s)

  • Crew Setup

  • Users

Add Employee(s):

Let's start by adding employees to CLIPxe. Go to the customer screen by clicking Customer List from the main screen, or click the Files menu and then click File Maintenance. Click ADD NEW. The next screen will ask you to choose the desired number. Some customers choose to create employees with less than 100 or greater than 1000, thus making the employee numbers in a different section of numbers than your customer base in CLIP.
After choosing the number you want, click Save. The next screen will want you to choose the Pattern Customer from your Pattern List of Customers. Click here ( for more information on pattern customers.
It might be a good idea to have a pattern employee on this list in case you end up adding lots of employees in your CLIP program. Enter New Customer Information, and then click Save.
Once the new customer is added, select the checkbox on the top right hand of the screen to make it an employee.

Crew Setup:

You do not have to utilize crews in CLIP but there are many reasons to. Crews in CLIP are utilized in order to keep a record of which employees were on a job. Some of the areas in CLIP that crews are displayed are on route sheets, record the work, CLIP2Go, and reports.
Once you have made the decision to utilize crews in CLIP, click on the "System Menu" and then choose "Crew Setup."

Click "Add Crew" and then click the "Crew Name" field next to the add crew button. After giving your crew a name, you will want to add any additional information under the crew name box that applies such as:

Truck# designates which truck the crew is using. This displays on recording the work and on route sheets.

Foreman is the leader of the crew. This shows on route sheets.

Crew Color is a GPS feature that can be utilized with a fleet tracking unit when using it with Crews in CLIP2Go.

GPS ID is a GPS ID that is a feature utilized with a fleet tracking unit when in CLIP2Go.

Email is setup here when emailing route sheets. This way a user can click "email route sheets" on the route sheets screen.

Equipment Cost is used to figure totals in reports from the Reports Menu, Job Reports, Job Costing, or Job Costs - Actual Cost.

Once you've added the crew, add an employee to the crew by clicking the "Add Employee" button. After you click "Add Employee", an employee lookup table will appear. Select the employee from the list.


First, turn on the password system. After enabling this, you will be logging into CLIP with a username/password.
For clarifications sake, we are assuming this is the first time you are setting up this functionality. From the main screen, click on the system drop-down menu and then hover over passwords, click "Set Passwords."

Click "Activate Passwords", once it asks you for the Username/Password enter:

Username: CLIP

Password: CLIP

Select "Add New User." The screen will open in order to select the username, password, level, employee, email, and permission settings. Change the username/password and then click "Save" in the upper right corner of the screen.
The levels field means that there are levels of users. For instance, the level 1 user is the administrator or the main user in CLIP. The level two user has most of the permission level that the main CLIP user has. The level three and four users will be generic users in the system. Most employees that the main CLIP user adds will be level three or four.

The employee ID field is to enable companies to attach users in CLIP to your employees. The email field is to input the email of the user in order to email route sheets, email CMS activities, email office documents, etc. Click here to access more detailed information on permissions in CLIP.

Let us know if you need additional information!

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