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Adding Customers In CLIPitc
Adding Customers In CLIPitc

How to add a single new customer to your business in CLIPitc

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In this manual, we will be looking at how to add customers directly to CLIPitc. If you are looking to import your customers from QuickBooks Online or a QuickBooks Desktop version, please see our Syncing with QuickBooks manuals:

If you are trying to import customers from Excel, see the article below:

Say a new customer calls and wants to receive the services your company provides. What is the best way of getting them into CLIPitc? The first step is to log into both your CLIPitc account and QuickBooks account.

In CLIPitc, click on the Customer Tab, then "New Customer"

CLIPitc will next open up your "Pattern Customer" list. If you have not set up any patterns yet, it will give you two default patterns of "Residential" or "Commercial". Highlight the desired pattern, then click Select.

You will now be in the customer detail window.

Now enter the customer's name in the "First and Last name" fields, as well as a company name if applicable.

Also, you will notice the account number has been automatically assigned. You can give it a different number if you choose, but CLIP will automatically give it the next available number.

Directly below that, you will see the greeting field. This greeting will appear on correspondence you send to customers.

In the screen shot below, you will see several fields. I will explain each one.

Customer Since Is the date that this customer started with your company. This is used for reports as well as company status on adding or losing customers.

Last Activity Is the last visit date of the most recent service provided to this customer.

Active Check box is to mark whether a customer is Active or Non-Active. If unchecked, this customer's services and billing will be put on hold. This can be useful if a customer is not paying or decides they no longer want your services.

Source is a very useful field. This drop down allows you to track how each customer has heard of your company. This way you can know what are the most effective ways to market to new customers.

Display Name Will be the name that is displayed in your customer list. If you leave it blank, CLIPitc will display the first and last name in your customer list.

Now, you can enter the customer's address. This is more or less the customer's billing address. If the property you will be servicing has a different address, you can adjust that under properties.

Account Notes Can be used however your company likes.

You can also enter up to four(4) phone numbers for each customer.


If you check off the Email Invoices, make sure it is checked for the correct Email in this box.

The 2 Check Boxes labeled "Email Pre Service" and "Email Post Service" allows you to contact this customer through Email before or after providing a service.

Once you click save, if you are a QuickBooks User, you will be able to sync this customer to be added to QuickBooks. Before saving, make sure you are logged into QuickBooks and a backup is created before every sync!

Before you can add jobs or billing information to this customer, you first need to setup Properties for this customer. Please see our Properties Manual for directions on how to do that.

If you have any files you would like to upload to your customers now that they are in CLIPitc, such as contract agreements or property photos, please see our manual on How To Add Documents To Customer Files.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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