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Setting Up Crews In CLIPitc
Setting Up Crews In CLIPitc

How to setup crews in CLIPitc to allow groups of employees accomplish work together

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Crews in CLIPitc are simply groupings of employees who work for your company. Some of your employees may be on more than one crew. For example, John may be on crew 1 (the main mowing crew for your company) at the start of the season. However, when mowing season is over and fall cleanups start he may be on crew 5 with a different set of guys.

This is just one example of how crews can be configured in CLIPitc. There are many ways you can use crews, but crews are typically specific to jobs and the employees who serve them.

In this manual, we will go over setting up crews in CLIPitc. The manual's steps are dependent on you having employees setup already. If you have not setup employees, please see our manual on Adding Employees to CLIPitc.

First, click on the Customize tab. Then click on Crew.

Now you will be in the main crew setup window. To add your first crew, click on Add.

After clicking "Add", you will want to give the crew a number and a description. The description can be whatever you choose. The two most common options would be either the foreman's name on that crew or the type of service the crew provides.

Now that the crew has a number and description, all that is left to do is to add the employees.

The list to the left are the employees that have not yet been added to the crew.

To add an employee to the crew, simply click on the arrow that points to the right.

You can also select a foreman for the crew by clicking the drop-down menu and clicking the employee you wish to select.

This crew is now ready to be added to jobs! When you record the jobs that this crew has serviced, the start and stop time will be used to allot employee hours to the guys on this crew for employee efficiency tracking. For more info on that, see our Recording Work Inside CLIPitc manual.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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