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Setting Up Users and Their Permissions in CLIPitc
Setting Up Users and Their Permissions in CLIPitc

How to setup users in CLIPitc and adjust their access rights to different portions of the program

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Each user of CLIPitc may have different purposes in your company. For example, you may be the one handling billing while another user may only handle scheduling. In order to protect the company and its employees, you may want to set up permissions so each user only has access to the data they need to access. Therefore, understanding how to set up users and how to utilize permissions effectively will be very helpful for your company.

The first thing you workstation do is click on the "Users" tab at the top of your CLIPitc home screen.


In this manual, we will be covering how to setup a user and their permissions in CLIPitc.

Now enter the username and password. The username will be the email of the user.

If this user is setup in CLIPitc as an employee, you can specify that now by clicking on the "Employee" drop down. For more help on setting up employees check out Adding Employees In CLIPitc in our Help Center. 

After entering a username and a strong password, just click "save".

Setting Up Permissions

After entering the user into CLIPitc, you should see a few check boxes below that are subgroups of permissions that can be adjusted per user.

If you want this user to have full access to your company data, just check off each box. It will look like this:

If this user does not need to have full access, you can narrow down their permissions by clicking on the small arrow to the left of the checkbox.

Below will give basic descriptions of these permissions:


Find Customers gives the user the ability to find and view customer info.

Import Customer will allow or deny the user the ability to import customers from QuickBooks.


Get Work is the feature that is used for getting crews work for each day.

View Workview work is where a user can view and edit that day's work.

Print Route Sheets allows the user to print route sheets for crews daily work.

View Work Calendar in the work calendar a user can move jobs around to different dates for scheduling purposes.

Record Work Mobile allows the ability to record work from a mobile device.

Record Work allows the ability to record work from a desktop work station.



Import Data is the ability to import data such as customers and items from QuickBooks.

Invoice allows the user the ability to bill customers.


These permissions allow the user to add, edit or delete patterns of the following types...

Pattern Customers

Pattern Jobs

Pattern Property


Change Lists Permissions allows or denies the user the ability to customize the following fields (Zone list, Country List, Customer Category, Measuring Unit, Stock Type, Job Category, Job Sub-Category, Weather Condition, Service Category, Material, Users, Discounts, Activity, Customer Source, Job Type State List and Lawn Condition).

Crew Will allow or deny the user the ability to add, edit, or delete crews.

Tax List Ability to add edit or delete items from the tax list.

Email Setting Allows or denies the user the ability to change CLIPitc's company email. This is the email that CLIPitc will use to send service notifications and other messages.


  • Find Employee this permission is concerning the adding, editing, and deleting of employees.


These permissions can be used to allow or deny access to certain reports.

Customer reports

Job Reports


Customer Report

Route Sheet

Upload Report

Download Report Editor

Mobile App

See All Crew's Work If this permission is unchecked, the user will only be able to view the jobs that are assigned to them using the CLIPitc Mobile App for Apple or Android. They will not be able to view any other Crew's jobs.

Once the user has been added and permissions set, they are ready to go!

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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