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Charging Credit Cards In CLIPitc Using CLIP Payments
Charging Credit Cards In CLIPitc Using CLIP Payments

The steps to take that allow acceptance of card payments through CLIPitc using CLIP Payments and the Customer Portal

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This article will help you to begin processing credit cards for your customers by either making a Single Payment or using Autopay with Batch Payment. By going through these instructions to setup CLIP Payments in CLIPitc to allow charging credit cards, we are assuming that you already have an account setup with CLIPPay. If not, please go to the CLIP Payment page and sign up for an account.

To begin, you will need to go to settings and make sure your processor is set to CLIP Pay.
If you need any help in this process, please feel free to reach out to the Sales Team at 800-286-1709 or email us at [email protected].

From the CLIPitc main screen, click the Settings button at the top right.

Then click Company info, and select "CLIPPay" from the dropdown.

Click "Save" once the information has been entered. After saving you are ready to start charging credit cards.

Now, let's introduce you to the screens where you will utilize this feature.

To perform a single credit card transaction, click the QuickBooks> Single Payment (if you are not using QuickBooks it will say "Invoice").

This allows you to select the Customer, view how much they owe, determine the Amount that will be charged, declare a Ref No that will be used to identify the transaction, apply Memo for a description of the transaction, declare the Date the payment was made, and Payment Method for the type of charge.

To begin using Batch Payment or Autopay in CLIPitc, the Customer Portal feature needs to be turned on. Click Settings button at the top right of the CLIPitc screen.

When setting up Autopay, the options above will need to be checked: Enable Portal, Enable Payment, Enable Autopay. Enable Portal. For additional information and features that are included in CLIPitc's Customer Portal. This is one of the first steps in setting up Customer Portal so that customers can get a personalized website to review their account. Enable Payment allows the option to setup and charge credit cards for your customers. Enable Autopay allows for Autopay to be set up on Customer Portal and Customer's Accounts in CLIPitc.

Once the customer enters payment and checks the AutoPay option then they will be selected as AutoPay in your Customer List in CLIPitc.

Once payment is accepted, an email will also get sent to the email that is entered for the customer in CLIPitc. It will look similar to the screenshot below.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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