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Syncing CLIPitc with QuickBooks Online
Syncing CLIPitc with QuickBooks Online

How to synchronize CLIPitc with QuickBooks online

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One of the things many of our customers were looking for was a version of CLIP that worked with QuickBooks Online so they could do business through online applications!

After following the steps covered in this article, you will have your CLIPitc software connected to QuickBooks Online!

First, start by signing into your QuickBooks online account.

Then log into your CLIPitc account. 

Now go to gear icon for the Settings  menu and then select the QuickBooks tab.

Once you are in settings you will see two check boxes for both types of QuickBooks. All you need to do here is make sure "Use QuickBooks Online" is selected, and then click the "Save" button. After clicking "Save" button, CLIPitc will be ready to sync with QuickBooks Online.

Once you have selected your Sync settings, click on the "Connect to QuickBooks" button. 

When you see the window open for you create a connection between the two program, click "Connect" to start the syncing process.

Once you have made the connection to QuickBooks, you will be asked to authorize the connection. Go ahead and click "Authorize". (Make sure you are logged in to your QuickBooks online account!)

CLIPitc will now alert you that you are connected to QuickBooks online! This will be verified by having the Intuit button placed in the top right of your CLIPitc home screen.

Now that you are connected, you can import customers from your existing QuickBook company file by going to the QuickBooks tab and selecting the info you would like to import.

You can use the date filters “Only New Customers Created Since", or "Only Customers Modified Since.” These will give you the ability to import the most current customers into CLIPitc. Once you have finished importing data, you will need to complete mapping between the two programs. This will ensure that QuickBooks Online will know how to keep track of information that comes from CLIPitc.

With mapping complete, you are ready to setup customer's properties and jobs!

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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