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Customer Payments to an emailed invoice
Customer Payments to an emailed invoice

How customers can process payments directly to an emailed invoice

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This article is here to help your customers understand how to make payments after receiving an emailed invoice. Feel free to share this guide with them—it works whether they've signed up for our customer portal or not.

Click the emailed invoice link

In this first step, you'll want to open the email you received and click on the invoice link

This will open the invoice up in your default web browser. From here click on "Pay Now" in the top left hand corner. Now you will be taken to the payment protal.

Choose your payment method

As previously stated, both methods will lead you to the payment method screen as shown below. Here, you will want to select the payment type and choose to enter a new credit card number or use the one that may be currently saved. Next, enter the amount you want to pay and then click Continue.

Billing Information

You should now be on the billing information page. This is where you will enter your billing information. Please confirm all of your billing information before moving on to the next step. After you've confirmed, you can also check the box to save this payment method to be used used to auto pay invoices each month if you would like. Click Make Payment.

Make the payment

Once you click on make a payment, a pop-up will occur asking you to enter the details of your payment method such as credit card number or banking information (ACH). The pop up will look differently based on the payment method you chose in the beginning. If this pop screen does not show up when you click make payment, go and confirm with your browser that pop-ups are allowed for this website. Below are a some examples of what the billing entry looks like.

Credit / Debit Card


Now enter your payment details, click Pay. The pop-up should go away and a prompt that says "Payment was successful" should appear. You can confirm your payment being made by going to the invoice to see if the payment was applied.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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