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Recording Times for Multiple Jobs at Once In CLIPitc
Recording Times for Multiple Jobs at Once In CLIPitc

How to utilize group job to track situations where you're servicing multiple jobs at one location in CLIPitc

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Consider this example: Your crew pulls up to a street that they have work to perform on and there are multiple houses on this street. They could conceivably be at more than one house mowing and get the whole street done much faster by splitting it up than if they all worked on one place individually.

Consider another example: You arrive at a commercial location and have many jobs that you need to accomplish such as trimming, mulching, and/or other work. You could be doing these things all at once but you need to track each job's charges separately.

Grouping the jobs together can help your crews for these and other situations by speeding them up and getting them to the next locations quicker. A group will lump jobs together and distribute man hours across them while still being able to charge, make notes, and track materials separately on each job. The man hours are distributed evenly unless a job has a higher budgeted man-hour time which will weight the actual man hours more toward that job.  

To group up jobs, head to the Record Work screen.  At present, it is something that must be done each time.

Select the job that you would like to group with work by clicking on it and scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking on Add Job to Group. You are only able to group jobs that are marked at Not Done.

This brings up a second screen where it shall display all of the jobs that are scheduled for the same crew and also marked as Not Done for you to group together. Simply click on the "Add Job" button for the job you want.

Click "Close" and the job(s) are now grouped together.  This changes the Status on the jobs that are linked to another one to a "G" to signify that they are grouped. The Status on the main job will not change. When the Done column changes on the main job, the partner jobs will too. When the main job is finalized, the affiliated jobs will also be finalized.  

Your crews can also do this on their own from the mobile app! When they bring up a job on the CLIPitc Mobile App, there is a Plus ( + ) symbol that may be tapped on to provide this same function.  

As far as Route Sheets go, the grouped jobs will appear on the printed route sheet according to your sort preferences and the route sheet layout. On the guys using the Mobile App, only the main job will appear. However, the times will still be attached to all of the jobs appropriately and successfully.   

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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