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CLIPitc End of Year Functions
CLIPitc End of Year Functions

Resetting job count, variable schedule, programs and rounds and other end of year functions.

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At the end of each season it is a good idea reset information that has been incrementing back to the zero. We have created the End of Year functions to help out with this process. The End of Year functions is a series of global replacements that you can easily preform to make needed resets.

Let's start by arriving at the page. Navigate to Customize > End of Year Functions

Once on the End of Year Functions page we can see the 7 different options.

  • Reset Variable Schedule one year later

  • Reset Start/Stop Schedule for one year later

  • Reset Programs and Rounds

  • Reset Job Done Count

  • Reset Done this year and Skipped this year

  • Set Prepaid services to "Charge Per Job"

  • Reset discount on jobs

These are all simple functions that do precisely what they state. Here's the explanation:

Reset Variable Schedule one year later - If you utilize Variable Scheduling, a function that lets the job automatically adjust its frequency of occurrence based on dates, this turns the dates on Variable Scheduling set forwards one year.

Reset Start/Stop Schedule for one year - For jobs that have Start/Stop Scheduling, a function that allows services to arrive in the workbank only during certain date ranges, this turns those dates forwards one year.

Reset Programs and Rounds - A Round's "Status" can be set to On Hold to avoid scheduling it. Additionally, when a Round is completed within a Program, it is automatically set to Done This Year. When it is skipped, it is likewise set to Skip This Year. This function changes the Status of any round that is set to On Hold, Done This Year, or Skip This Year to become Active.

Reset Job Done Count - Every time a job is performed, there is a field labeled "Done This Season" in the scheduling section that is incremented up by one. This function resets it back to zero.

Reset Done this year and Skipped this year - Similar to the above "Reset Programs and Rounds", although this one targets Jobs as well. Any Job that has a Status set to Done This Year or Skip This Year is changed to become Active.

Set Prepaid services to 'Charge Per Job' - The Bill Type on Jobs can be set to "Prepaid" to prevent them from charging the customer each time they are performed, indicating you are handling jobs paid for in advance in a certain manner. This function changes the Bill Type of any Job that is currently set to "Prepaid" to become "Charge Per Job", which charges the customer each time the service is recorded.

Reset Discount on Jobs - If you offer discounts to your customers and have applied a discount to a Job to reduce its price, this removes the Discount application and sets the job's price back to the amount it was before the Discount was applied.

All in all, a quick, yet specific, operation to get your operations prepped and ready to begin the season anew! You're able to specify certain jobs to apply these functions to via a checkbox in the dropdown lists, or have the function apply to every job that you have!

Let us know if you have any further questions about what is displayed on this screen.

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