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Grouping Jobs in CLIPitc
Grouping Jobs in CLIPitc
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Grouping jobs allows you to batch jobs together and split the time between them. This can be time saving when your crews record a start time for one job, then do the 3 properties right next to it without starting and stopping each one.

You can group jobs in the field and also in the office. We will start by going over the steps to group jobs in the office.

For this example we will group Sam Smith, Brian O'Driscoll, and Maggie Thatcher.

First we will select Sam Smith then hit "Add Job to Group"

From this next screen we can check the boxes to select the other two customers we want to add to the group Brian O'Driscoll and Maggie Thatcher. Once they have both been selected hit "Save And Close"

This brings us back to the Record Work screen, but we will notice a few changes.

Brian O'Driscoll and Maggie Thatcher both have been marked as status "G" for group.

All that is left is to record the grouped time for all 3 jobs under Sam Smith, then finalize work done.

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