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Fuel Surcharge in CLIPitc
Fuel Surcharge in CLIPitc

How to set up and apply a fuel surcharge in CLIPitc

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In order to user the Fuel Surcharge feature you need to make sure a few things are set up.

First go to the customer you whish to start applying the fuel surcharge to. then go to their property tab. (If you need to do this for all active properties see the article about updating all properties (please refer to this article)

Under "More Property Information" you will see an option that says "fuel surcharge" Select "Yes"

Then save the change be hitting Save.

Now that the property has been set up to receive fuel surcharges, head on over to Invoice or Quickbooks tab>More>Fuel Surcharge.

As you start to set it up here is what you are looking at:

History Date: This is the date that the Fuel Surcharge is applied

Fuel Surcharge: Do you want a fixt amount or a percentage per job?

Charge Fuel charge for Jobs done From: this will allow you to select only jobs within any set date window (example you can set it to include all jobs done this month or just the jobs done this past week).

Include Fuel Surcharges on Contract Jobs (based on the Job Value):

if you have contract jobs often you will will still have a value filled in to enable you to generate a budgeted man hours. By checking this it will search for contract jobs and if you have selected a percentage it will apply a percentage based on that amount.

Charge Fuel Surcharges on Installments: this option will let you run the surcharge based off of the installment amount for contract customers.

Create Single charge per Property: When you have customer with multiple properties and only want one line item to show up for the fuel surcharge.

Taxable: is the surcharge taxable or not?

Calculate one charge per customer instead of one charge per visit: If you want to assign a fixed surcharge to all customers regardless of how many services or service amounts for all customers. **note this can only be used with a fixed amount not percentage

Only Create Fuel Surcharges for Active Customer: do you want to apply the surcharge to customers that are on hold? Even if they have had work completed in the given time frame.

Once you have set up all your specifications you can go ahead and hit process.

You will then see a list of charges that have been added and the amount (based on the options above).

It will show up as a line item in the customers history and wait to be invoiced.

If you have any questions about this process reach out to our support team.

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