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[CLIPxe] Missing Balance Record
[CLIPxe] Missing Balance Record

CLIPxe missing balance record message appears when indexing files

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This article will show the fix for the message that appears when indexing files in CLIPxe. This will only pertain to those who use CLIPxe without QuickBooks

One reason for getting this message would be that the customer has been a customer for many many years and just recently started up services with you again OR this customer's balance is off in a database -- possibly due to previous corruption or general accounting problems with that customer's balance.

In order to begin fixing those customer's that have a missing balance record in the journal, make a backup first.

Right click on the desktop shortcut for CLIP
Click on Properties
Click on the button that says Find Target (or Open File Location)
Locate a file named "supp.exe" ( supp )
Double click to open this file

Click "Ok" to the warning message and "Yes" to the next message.
You will then be at the Support Menu.  

Click on Fix Missing Balance.

Search (scroll) for and click on the customer number who has a missing balance.

Click on "Refresh Current Debits and Credits." 

Enter in current billing amounts for the customer (if you enter the amount in 'Previous Balance' it will add it to 'Current Balance' in the customer's history tab and if you enter the amount for 'Total Due' it will enter the amount in 'Total Due' in the customer's history tab.)

Click the Save button.

Repeat for each customer with a missing balance.

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