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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Reprint Final List Report
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Reprint Final List Report

After posting transactions or posting work from jobs in CLIP - this will show you how to reprint the final list report

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What if you posted transactions or jobs and needed to get a list but the information has already been posted? It isn't too late! 

There is an option on the screen to save the report for later as a PDF!
From the Files menu, click Enter Transactions  or click the Enter Trans. button from the main screen of CLIP.  

See Print to PDF below:

After recording jobs in CLIP, you can post the work and select Save to PDF File before Printing (see below).

Once these options are selected, CLIP will save these PDF documents into the CLIPv folder either on a local computer or server depending on if you have CLIP shared out on many computers or not.

The above screen shows what it will look like when opening File Explorer to your CLIPv > PDF folder.

The PDF documents labeled with QB will be for users of QCLIPxe and will contain listings of the transferred jobs that were sent over to QuickBooks for billing. The ones labeled RW are for Record Work. Each PDF document will be date and time stamped.

Was the checkbox Save to PDF before printing not checked?

No worries!  If the option to save PDF wasn't selected but you still need to get a report, see the steps below:

Click Reports > Custom Reports > User Defined List.

Select Customer and Journal database.

Select Save As and give the report a name.

Select Fields:
CU. Customer Number
CU. Property Name
JR. Journal Description
JR. Journal Amount Charged

Select Conditions:
Step #1 JR. Journal Transaction Date
Step #2 Equals
Step #3 (Date for desired reprint) i.e. 01/25/00
Add Another condition
Step #4 And
Step #1 JR. Journal Code
Step #2 Equals
Step #3 "D" for jobs or "C" for credits
Use this condition

Select Sort By: You can leave this blank.

Select Make List.

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