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Creating a Discount for Customers
Creating a Discount for Customers

How to setup and apply a decrease in price on job charges.

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This article will teach you how to create a discount and apply it to a customer's job screen so that they can enjoy the benefits of a lessened price!

Creating a Discount

First, click on Customize from the top bar of tabs in the CLIPitc program.

Next, select Discount from the Change Lists section on the left of the page.

To edit an existing discount if you have a change to make, simply click on edit for the particular discount in question.  For this exercise, we're going to create a new one. Click Add above the list of discounts.

A new screen will pop up asking for the details of this discount to be entered into the fields.  Code, Description, and Amount are all necessary. You might want to key in an expiration date for the discount if it's a time-sensitive deal that has an end date, or for a certain number of services such as a discount for the first ten visits.

If it's a percentage discount rather than a flat dollar amount, be sure to tick the checkbox for Percentage.  Click Save, and this discount has been created!  You're now ready to apply it to the customer's work.

Applying a Discount

This is performed on the job information screen. Click on the Discount button next to the Charge per Job field to apply the discount you've created. 

On this new screen are various ways of calculating the charge per job, though all we're concerned with is applying the discount.  Select it from the drop-down menu that reads select discount.  Confirm your information, and then click Replace in Job.

Your customer now has a discount applied to this job and is saving money!

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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