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Charging CLIPPay program fee in CLIPitc
Charging CLIPPay program fee in CLIPitc
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To use program service fees in clipitc first you need to setup the account. Go to Settings gear, click on company info.

Under CLIPPay section check the boxes to charge the program fee. The rate is based on the rate that you are being charged for CLIPPay, and can’t be adjusted. After checking the boxes click Save.

Now in order to charge customers you need to make sure that they are set to “Charge credit card surcharge if credit card is used”.

Now when a credit card charge is charged to the customer it will add the Program Fee to the amount. For example, if we go to invoice> Single Payment, put in $10.00 as the charge, and process it. You should see the note that a X.XX% Program Fee will be added.

Click process

Click process payment, then fill in the credit card information.

In the customer’s history you should see that the charge was processed with the added program fee (in our case 10.40 total). There should also be a Program Fee added to the invoice.

Here is an example invoice after we charged the program fee:

If you checked all of the checkboxes then it will create the charge for payments made through the customer portal as well as the autopay section of the program.

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