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CLIPPay MerchantTrack
CLIPPay MerchantTrack

How to access advanced reporting and virtual terminals for your CLIPPay credit card transactions.

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Merchant track can be used with CLIPPay to get your reports, manage transactions, and search for transactions.

To setup Merchant track for your account, simply open CLIPitc, go to “users” click on the user, then check the boxes for the permissions that you want the user to be able to use.

To open merchant track go to “company info” then click on Access merchant track link. This will bring you to the dashboard.

Inside of Merchant track you can view reports for your credit card. On the dashboard you will see a quick link to the recent “Recent funding activity” report, and the “Recent Transactions” report.

If you want to see the most recent transactions, click on the “recent transactions” report. That will give you a list of transactions that have been made in the past days.

On the right you will see the stats for your transactions, days, amounts, etc. The daily volume chart will show you the value of transactions, and when they came in, it can give you a good idea of how much you are processing.

You can find specific transactions, and refund or void them using the Transaction search section. Click on transaction search on the left side of the screen, fill in the information that you want to search for and click search.

To see all transactions click the search button without filling in any information. If you want to find a transaction using the last 4 digits of the credit card you can fill in the account last 4. If you want to refund, or manage a transaction click on the “transaction ID” then you will see an “actions” section where you can manage the transaction.

If the transaction has been refunded, or is a refund you won’t see the refund option. Any transactions or refunds made in merchanttrack won’t be reflected in CLIPitc, or in QuickBooks. If you make a change through merchant track you will need to manually add that transaction to CLIPitc and QuickBooks.

To manually add a credit card transaction click on the “Virtual Terminal” menu item. Then fill in the details for the transaction. This will NOT be added to CLIPitc or QuickBooks, so you will need to manually add any transactions made through MerchantTrack.

Under “Terminals” menu option you can add, or activate physical credit card terminals. This is for a possible future option for credit cards in the field.

Under the “Reports” option you can pull different reports to show you information about the transactions that have gone into your account. There is a description next to each report.

From here you can create reports, refund transactions, or view

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