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[qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] Fill in Lat/Lon for Google Maps Routing
[qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] Fill in Lat/Lon for Google Maps Routing

In order for Google Maps to find locations and addresses correctly, lat/lon will need to be filled in globally.

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This article will show how filling in latitude and longitude works. After doing this, Google Maps will know how to find addresses correctly when using it normally for route sheets.

Click System > Fill Lat/Lon

First, clear the latitudes & longitudes by clicking Clear Lat/lon. See at the top right, and it will say Cleared.

At this point, we will select Internet under Choose One Option To Find Lat/Lon. 

Select Active Customers Only in order to have the active customers filled in for lat/lon.

Click Process. 

After you click Process, click Yes in order to fill these in.

Click No here when it asks Do you want to update from Google Maps.

If you click Yes, it will open the Google Maps service in a browser and may potentially take much longer during this process. 

The process itself could take anywhere between five minutes to thirty minutes, depending on if you choose Active Customers or All Customers.

After letting the process finish, it will tell you that there were some addresses it could not find and if you wanted a report on those. At this point, you will need to adjust those customers manually from the Customer List by seeing if there is something obviously wrong with the address (bad suite number, bad zip, bad street name, etc).

Below is an example of what the report would look like:

After filling in those latitude & longitudes, you can now start using Google Maps!

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