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CLIPitc How to View Upcoming Work Projections
CLIPitc How to View Upcoming Work Projections

How do I find out how much money I will make, how many hours I've sold, or how much material I will need?

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Work projection reports help you find out what work you have coming up. You can figure out information about the whole season (budgeted hours this season) that can help you make better informed business decisions (should I hire another employee, or do I need more mulch on hand?). 

To get to the Work projections report go to Reports>Work Projections, and then click on the report that you want to access. 

Filter Screen

You can choose your From/To date. These dates need to be in the future. This report is projecting what the jobs would do if you fulfill every visit on the exact date it is scheduled. 

You can select all crews, or just look at a specific crew. 

If you only want to see specifics for a single job (say you are trying to figure out how long to rent an aerator for your aeration jobs) you can click the checkbox for just that job.  

You can run the report for a specific customer if you are trying to get information just about that customer. 

Include on Hold Jobs:
This will include jobs that are marked as inactive (not really scheduled to be done).

Include zone jobs:
This will allow you to include zone jobs that you have setup (typically snow plow jobs, or irrigation turn on).

Include pattern and rounds:
This lets you include chemical application jobs. These jobs are not scheduled by date, so you need to check this box and select the rounds that you want to include in the report. 

Jobs Upcoming (detail and summary)

These reports give you an idea of the hours, jobs, charges, budgeted man hours, and job areas for jobs that will be done in the future. 

They are sorted by day, and then by crew. If you just want the totals, you may want to pull the "Summary" version of the report.  

Material Needed (detail and summary) 

These reports will give you the materials that will be used for the given time period. The reports total by material, so you can get an idea of the total quantity (Qty), cost, and price (what you charge the customer for the material). The detailed report also includes the crew, customer name, property address, unit, and job date. 

Revenue Report (detail and summary) 

These reports give you the revenue projections. Contract jobs will show up as 0.00. Charge per hour type jobs are assumed to be done in the budgeted time, so the job charge for those jobs will be the hourly charge x budgeted hours. Installments for customers are assumed to be done monthly, so they will show up once per month per installment. 

The report includes the man hours, job charge, charge per bill type, material charges, and material costs. 

The report totals include the revenue, material costs, and revenue minus material costs. 

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