First, make a backup. Click the button below for this. Use the copy / paste method in the article below.

Once you have the copy of CLIPV, rename the folder to be appropriate. Call it ArchiveCLIP and have your workstations create a shortcut on their desktops to NetCLIP/ArchiveCLIP/CLIPV/vclip.exe. Rename this shortcut to Archived CLIP. This way your users will know that it's the archived version of CLIP.

You might even want to change the name of the folder in the initial setup to ArchiveCLIP2003 or something to help you later differentiate what data has been archived.

Once you have this completed, in your "production" version of CLIP (the one you will continue to use everyday) you go to Files > Global Replacement > Erase history > it will ask you for a date to "delete history from beginning of file to: __/__/__", enter the date you want to erase up to and click on "proceed with deletion".

You've now archived the history in CLIP.

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