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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Emailing Bills
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Emailing Bills

How to email bills

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In order to utilize CLIPxe for emailing invoices, you first need to setup your email program using the emailing in the CLIP article by clicking the button below. 

The first step to setup emailing for your customer invoices in CLIP is to setup their email on the customer screen/file maintenance window:


  • Emailing for qCLIPxe Users (Using QuickBooks)

  • Emailing for CLIPxe Users (Not using QuickBooks)

Emailing for qCLIPxe Users (Using QuickBooks)

From the screenshot above, qCLIPxe users will simply need to check a box called Email Invoice near the Email Address field. Once an Email Address is filled out and the field Email Invoice is checked, billing gets transferred to QuickBooks. Invoices will be marked in QuickBooks as To Be Emailed.

Emailing for CLIPxe Users (Not Using QuickBooks)

You will want to make sure all of the customers in your program have email addresses filled in before Emailing Bills. From the screenshot above, CLIPxe users will want to check the option from the customer screen/file maintenance window under More Phone #s

Checking the Statements option next to the Email Address field will allow you to email statements. Checking the Service Notices option will allow you to Email Service Notices. Once the Statement option is checked and an email address is filled in, you will be able to Email Invoices from the Billing menu. 

The option Do Not Print Statements at the bottom of the screen will not give you the option to Print Statements/Invoices when pulling them up on your Billing menu. This is for Email Only Customers who do NOT want a printed statement/invoice.

Email Bills

Under the Billing menu of CLIP, click either Mid-Month Billing or Billing Process. If you want to email bills through the Billing Process, choose the Age Accounts/Print Statements option. You can Email Previous Bills or Email Bills. 

Email Previous Bills will open a screen for you to select which billing month you want to email. Email Bills will start the email process of current month bills. For this example, we will focus on Email Bills. You can check the Preview Email option to preview the statement/invoice before sending them out.

Click Email Bills and a window will ask you to send an email. Click Yes or No. Click Yes. If the customer does not have an email address added on the customer screen/file maintenance window, it will give you a warning message. After the warning message, the More Phone #s screen will open for you to input the email address.

After the email address is entered, the Statement Note window will appear for you to enter a message to display on the body of the email.  

Once you have saved the statement note, the Review Statements window will open to individual statements to send or click Mark All towards the bottom of the screen. Click the Preview button on the individual statements to view the PDF file before it sends. Click Process once you are ready to send the statements through your email program. 

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