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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Sales Person Reports
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Sales Person Reports

Reports in CLIP from Reports > Sales Person Reports - We describe where they are, how to get them and what they do for you!

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Sales Person (Commission)

Commission Report 

The commission report shows the amount of commission each sales person has over a given period of time, OR  for any jobs assigned to a customer (see below for more information).

What can you do with this report?

  • Shows the commission on a job by job basis as well as the totals.

  • Shows the top sales person (see the report sorts by for more information).

Where can you find this report?
This report can be found at Reports>Sales Person>Commission.

What does the report show?

Date Range: Displays the date range of the jobs on the report.

Date: Displays the date the report was printed.

Sales Person Name/Code: Displays the sales person’s name/code.

This job detail screen has a sales person with the code JOHN and a commission rate of 5%. This also has the sold date. This code is used to order Sales Person information on the Commission Report.

Account Name: Displays the Customer’s Property Name information.

Account Number: The customer’s number inside of Clip.

Job Num: This is the Job Number of the job assigned to the customer.

Job Name: The description of the job.

Sold Date: The date the job was sold (see screenshot under Sales Person Name/Code)

Done Date: The last time the job was done. (If From Job is selected as Data Source, the report will not show the Done Date)

Charge Per Job: The charge per job that was entered for the job.

Commission Rate: The commission rate for the Sales Person assigned for this specific job.

Commission: The commission for the job (Charge Per Job multiplied by the Commission Rate).

Group Totals: Totals for the sales person

Grand Totals: Totals for all the charge per jobs and totals for Commission.

What information can I filter?

Data Source: If From Job is selected, the report will list the Commission Rate for the jobs in the customer’s jobs. If From History is selected, the commission rate will calculate based on the number of times the job has been posted.

Date Range: If from Job is selected, the date is dependent on the date the job was sold (See screenshot above). If From History is selected, this date range will look for jobs that have been posted.

Sales Person: This will limit the report to show only a specific Sales Person based on the Sales Person Name/Code.

Job Number: This option allows you to select a specific job number

Include Skipped Jobs: This option will bring over any Posted and Skipped jobs (From History option only)

This report Sorts by:

Sales Person: Alphabetical listing of the sales person codes

Customer Number: Listing of customers starting at customer number 1. Groups will be calculated based on the Customer Number

Customer Name: Lists customers in alphabetical order. Groups will be calculated based on the Customer Name

Job Number: The jobs will be listed starting at job 1. Groups will be calculated based on Job Numbers

Other Options:

To Excel: This will send the Commission Report to Excel for further data manipulation

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