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News, Features, and Updates in CLIPitc!
News, Features, and Updates in CLIPitc!

List of new features updated as we add them to CLIPitc

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Previous releases have been archived away.

Web Program (

  • Editing the crew assigned to a job in all the places it can be changed, such as Edit Job and Adjust Schedule, now properly also changes the individual crews per day as intended.

  • The Employee Efficiency Report was printing out wrongly. It's been stabilized.

  • Fields that can be used to identify if a client is enrolled in AutoPay or if they are marked to receive the Program Fee when processing a credit card when building a Custom Report have been implemented. Those fields are "Customer.AutoPay" and "Customer.Charge Program Fee", respectively

  • We've created a way to add a small message to bottom of every billing document, regardless of who the bill is for or what type of bill (Invoices vs. Statements) is created. A highly requested feature that we're happy to implement!

  • In the Invoicing section, when in the page reached by clicking on the "Process/Edit Individual Bills" button, it is now possible to use the search bar at the top to search by Customer Account Number.

Mobile App

  • Uploading a photo, video, or other media into the mobile app corrected to show the media, instead of a broken link or stock photo.

  • The ToDos shown on the ToDo screen can be filtered based on criteria.

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