Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Fill in customer since date with today’s date for new customers

  • Made all columns sortable on sales report

  • Added Statement note for customers to include notes about bills/payments etc.

  • Added Care of field to statement/Invoice

  • Added Employee birthday to employees section

  • Added taxable as optional for Fuel surcharge

  • Added option to make budgeted hours actual on charge per hour jobs.

  • Added rounds status to custom reports

  • Made general notes clickable with preview

  • Extended invoice notes character limit

  • Fixed issue with next year scheduling

  • Enhanced QuickBooks online synch speed

  • Added option to not print 0 balance invoices.

  • Added Service ticket route sheet report to route sheet invoices

  • Added Vendor fields in materials section and Website for material

  • Added pattern packages and ability to add jobs to pattern packages

  • Changed mail merge sort to sort jobs in job number order

  • Added option for logo on route sheet invoices

  • Added materials search option

  • Order jobs by job number under customers account

Mobile App (Unreleased)

  • Added option to take payments in mobile app (on site cc’d payments)

  • Added Dispatch Map screens (map views of the work, shortcuts to manage work)

  • Added permissions for timeclock on mobile app permissions

  • Made Grouped job moves move the subjobs with master job


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Added Credit memos to CLIPitc

  • Added property defaults for adding jobs

  • Fixed issue with customer number showing in to do's

  • Adjusted related jobs to come in with the master

  • Added sender email, customer email, to To Do emails

  • Remove rounds from daily sections if program is put on hold

  • Enhanced sales tax report processing

  • Customer account notes moved/expanded

  • Put customer account number before customer name on to do notifications

  • Made changes to QuickBooks desktop synchronization for credit card program fee charges.

Mobile App (Unreleased)

  • Allow jobs to be skipped that are in progress

  • Added Touch/Faceid to Apple IOS devices

  • Added links to customer>Job from daily section

  • Allow groups of jobs to be skipped at one time


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Added Budgeted Mhrs to job costing excel sheet

  • Shrank the emailed invoice printout

  • Added ability to import multiple properties

  • Added Crew colors to get work calendar

  • Hid inactive employees in user section

  • Fixed issue with payment application to invoices

Mobile App

  • Jobs section for Android app (finished notes sections, scheduling, and released)


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Ability to globally change minimum charges

  • Added Program Status filters in custom section

  • Added ability to change email subjects

  • Added/Changed weather API for mobile application

  • Sub sort crew/route on work projections report

  • Changed autopayments to service

  • More definition in crew breaks for daily work report

  • Single payment sorted by account number

Mobile App (Unreleased work in progress)

  • Jobs section for Android app


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Added ability to send autopay requests to non portal users

  • Save customer filters per user

  • Added Check all buttons in scheduling

  • Added Apply credits section to change application of payments

  • Added subsort for job costing report on job date

  • Adjusted invoice balance format

  • Adjusted Datetime on autopay format

Mobile App (Unreleased work in progress)

  • Jobs section for Android app

  • Adde job notes section to jobs in Android app

  • Enhanced location tracking for Android


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Route optimization enhancements (faster changes, hours + distance)

  • Added route number spacing on permanent route numbers

  • Allow editing of charge on group jobs in daily work

  • Enable min/max for non contract jobs

  • Reset jobs now use the previous next visit date instead of today's date

  • Exclude removed transactions from uninvoiced balance

  • Added last visit date to rounds

Mobile App (Unreleased work in progress)

  • Jobs section for Android app

Mobile APP IOS 3.15

  • Added Jobs section for Apple IOS (menu>customers>Jobs tab)


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Fixed issue with work projections report

  • Added route number spacing on permanent route numbers

  • Fixed issue with company logo refreshing

  • Added balance refreshing in single payment

  • Changed job notes workflow to be more clear

  • Fixed Enhanced route sheet sort order issue

  • Changed crew filter, formatting, and totals on daily gross report

  • Add status filters to packages report

Mobile App (Unreleased work in progress)

  • Added add new job function to IOS app


  • Anonymous payments

  • Manage Portal options


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Fixed issue with portal button sizing for submitting payments

  • Added more permission options for portal

  • Added portal autopay email option

  • Added refund option to the Anonymous payments section

  • Added portal users reporting and functionality (For managing portal users)

  • Made Auto charge amount field editable.

  • Made it so that enter key on quicksearch initiates a search.

  • Fixed issue with price adjustment report

  • Added the ability to submit anonymous payments without amounts to save payment method for future autopay

Mobile App (Unreleased work in progress)

  • Worked on jobs screens for IOS, close to releasing jobs section on the IOS and Android app.


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Changed Emails to include the company name in the From field.

  • Changed route settings options to be saved per user

  • Added Daily grosses report

  • Added search bar and adjusted toolbar

  • Added # of days to the custom reports section

  • fixed to copy in Country from pattern when creating new customers

  • Added anonymous payments option to invoice email

  • Added Customer program fee to all customers section

  • Changed anonymous payments to sort by customer name in drop down

  • Save programs/rounds pricing sheet settings in pattern program.

Mobile App (Unreleased work in progress)

  • Worked on Jobs schedule screen

  • Worked on Jobs notes screen

  • Worked on Job media screens

  • Worked on Job Zone scheduling screens


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Changed Anonymous payments formatting design

  • Option to put overdue work on top for route sheets

  • Revenue report summary issue fixed

  • Optimized search speeds in CLIPitc

  • Option to hide quantity when invocing

  • Added option to save credit card in portal for Autopay

  • Alphabetic sorting for employee lists.

  • Fixed group replace date in mobile work screen

  • Adjusted portal for smaller screens.

  • Added notes fields to custom reports section.

  • Added more chemical tracking fields to materials

  • Added checkbox to share custom reports with other users in CLIPitc

Mobile App (1.31)

  • Some offline enhancements

  • Location update permissions enhancements

Mobile App (Unreleased work in progress)

  • Worked on Jobs charges screen

  • Worked on Jobs discounts screen

  • Worked on Job schedule screens

  • Worked on Job Zone scheduling screens


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Improved delete invoice batch function

  • Added initial version of anonymous payments for CLIPPay

  • Added seasonal totals

  • Added packages report

  • Added customer collections report

  • Added customer display name to custom reports section

  • Added last name sorting option for route sheets

Mobile App (Unreleased)

  • Worked on Jobs Discount screen

  • Worked on Charge options job screen

  • Added ability to sign estimates on the mobile app screen

  • Made enhancements to invoice screen under customer

  • Added list of jobs to be finalized in finalize work section


Web Program (CLIPitc.com)

  • Added CLIPPay processing for CLIPitc. Can go to https://clip.com/clippay to sign up!!

  • Added autopay entry directly from customer

  • Added materials import from excel function

  • Added options to update customer fields and property fields (added under patterns button)

  • Gave option to replace job when adding a job to the workbank from customer if it already exists.

  • Added technotes to route sheets

  • Added delivery status for customer message emails in get work section.

  • Added seasonal total amounts to package and job sections.

  • Added property status to custom reports section

  • Added employee customer times report.

  • Added employee budgeted vs actual report

Mobile App (Version 1.28)

  • Fixed issue with Daily work synchronization when offline

  • Added link in daily to access customer information

  • Added link in To do section to access customer information

  • Made To Do's editable in the daily section of the App

  • Added new formats for IPad (split screen layouts) to make better use of the larger screens.

  • Added dark mode (Apple devices only)

  • Added ability to add all employees from a crew at one time

  • Added ability to remove employees from daily work job.

  • Added clear offline data option to delete recorded work when there is a synchronizing issue

Patch Notes before 2021 have been archived.
If you have any inquiries about any of the new additions, enhancements, changes, or corrections, don't hesitate to ask our support personnel!

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