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News, Features, and Updates in CLIPitc!
News, Features, and Updates in CLIPitc!

List of new features updated as we add them to CLIPitc

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Previous releases have been archived away.

Web Program (

  • In Daily > Record Work, there is now a notification when the mobile app was used to attach media to the job. It is a red asterisk next to the Notes.

  • On the invoicing section, we've changed up how the sorting methods work. Instead of an on/off checkbox, it is now a dropdown that you can select your preferred sorting method from the Display Name field, the Account Number field, or the Last Name field.

  • New Report for Credit Memos! Credit Memos have their own report dedicated to displaying them.

  • Integration of a cool sidebar that we're utilizing to show you what the next big ideas we're thinking of implementing into CLIPitc are. These are both short term and long term ideas and their inclusion in this sidebar are not necessarily indicative that they Very Definitely Will Be Implemented. This is more of a public board of the ideas that we're considering and you will have the opportunity to upvote them. Upvotes, of course tend to mean that we'll more heavily consider looking into ways to implement these enhancements. This button will be on the top right, near the Settings gear.

  • In Daily > Get Work, there's now a button labeled "Add Job". It performs the exact same function of the "Add Work" button on Daily > Record Work, but with the convenience of being on the Get Work page.

  • Last time, we changed the word "Print" on the invoicing page to "Process" for better verbiage. We forgot a button. Inside the Edit Individual button is the place we commonly refer to as the "Invoice Bank". The button here has been changed to read Process, too.

  • The Settings page has had a reorganization a long time coming. We sorted a few things into aptly labeled tabs. Give 'em a check to familiarize yourself with where the options live now.

Mobile App

  • No new changes or adjustments here. We're working on a rebuild to bring the mobile app onto a more modern platform.

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