-A security update from Google has been overcome, Printing from the report viewer in Google Chrome is corrected.
-The select all checkbox on the Activate Rounds filter for customers has been reconnected and can be used once again.
-Line breaks in Estimates were not breaking as intended. This is corrected.
-Job Scheduling - When One Time Only is selected, we've commanded the program to hide Months, Weeks, and Days.
-When adding a job directly to the workbank from a customer's profile, it will now once again change the next visit date on the profile. For a brief period, it would not.
-A change was made that affects emails and enhances their deliver-ability. Currently, all emails that send from CLIPitc will read from "[email protected]". When a user replies to the email, it will then change to your own company's email. This was a tough decision. There is an upcoming policy from Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo that affects sending email from domains that aren't controlled by the sender. Naturally, we do not control every domain that users sign up for email from, so we must conform to this. We acknowledge that branding is important and try to cater towards maintaining branding, though in this case it was either allow zero emails (removing the feature) to be sent from CLIPitc, or send them with "[email protected]" and set the email to be replied to as your company's. If you have a communicative relationship with your clientele, we can advise that you send an email to inform them of this change.


-Payments Report- The filter has been modified and also changed to accommodate payments that may have been recorded without a payment method. The Check All selection will also pick them up.
-Hard Job Cost Report - New report! This one is similar to the Job Costing Report, though in exchange for filters, it gives all information. Additionally, it can show --Employee Costs, as according to what users have set up in the Employee tab.
-To Do Report - A Notes field has been added to this report, enabling the view of all notes through the date range, in addition to the To Do's themselves and all previous functions.
-Employees On Job - New Report! This report can show the individual employees that worked a particular service. After pulling at least one service, you can tap the arrow to the left of the line item to view the employees that serviced this job, as well as their Start and Stop time.
-Accounts Receivable Report - This now shows client phone numbers for their Main, Home, and Cell.  

Mobile App

-Added settings for GPS in mobile.
-Location Tracking, rather than geostamping, is currently in various stages of Beta for iOS and Android.


Android App 2.0 is released!


Property notes now show on all mobile apps
Some users were experiencing slowness maneuvering through the program. It's been identified and corrected.
The Call Ahead report no longer includes customers that are On Hold.
Added report for payments. Reports > Customer Reports > Payment Report.
Added sales tax auto-calculation logic for QuickBooks online.
Added totals to the materials report.

Android Beta

Work Schedule will no longer misbehave in regards to This Week's work.
Employee Deletion and Foreman specification should now attribute properly.
Finalizing work from the mobile app is now possible.
Fixed skip job issue, group job issue
Hid start controls on slides when appropriate.
Fixed a crash in the Map function.
Fixed issues with starting/ending buttons showing up in unintended areas.
Fixed issue with change crew
Added validation for additional charge qb items
Fixed issue with the 3-dots More menu not showing.
Fixed issue when trying to add a picture to a job.
Fixed time clock issue with entry not showing on screen after ending time clock.
Fixed issue with badges.
Screenshots fixed for high dpi android phones.
Sped up the login process.
Spanish language changes were made.

iOS App 2.0

ToDo's now load.

Patch Notes before 3rd Quarter of 2019 have been archived.
If you have any inquiries about any of the new additions, enhancements, changes, or corrections, don't hesitate to ask our support personnel!

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