Features on the road map (stuff we're working on): 

Working on for the future:

Working on new CLIPitc mobile app.

Recent Updates:

Fixed issue with materials on Android beta app
Added to do report to CLIPItc
Fixed issue with lat/lon saving with multiple properties
Added Material list, contact, add materials screens for IOS beta app
Fixed issue with QuickBooks online authorization
Fixed autofinalize process
Fixed issue with CLIPxe route optimization
Added additional charges and add job to workbank screen sections to IOS beta app

Fixed issue with efficiency report when there is lots of data
Added contract jobs to daily work report.
Fixed issue with 0.00 contract jobs checkbox when invoicing
Added picture add/delete screens, weather condition screens, and signature screen for IOS beta app
Added logo option to invoices
Fixed issue with prices and history wrapping on 8999 form
Fixed Android beta app issue with recording times
Finished daily work screen, sliding menu, skip job screen for IOS beta app
Fixed issue with add job to workbank on certain program/rounds
Fixed issue with charge per hour type jobs
Added daily work notes tab, group job screen, daily work pictures screens for IOS beta app

Removed carousel tutorial in CLIPitc
Sped up get work process
Added property category / sub category to custom reports fields
Added crew filter to work done report
Started adding tours to CLIPitc
Added property zone to custom reports
Finished settings screen, and get work screens for IOS application

Removed carousel tutorial in CLIPitc
Started adding tours to CLIPitc
Added property zone to custom reports
Finished settings screen, and get work screens for IOS application

Fixed issue with grouping charge per hour jobs
Fixed route sheet invoices show prices option
Added option to tax or not tax late fees
Added weather condition fields, and start time on materials report (chemical compliance)
Added pricing sheet updating when updating all rounds sq ft.
Finished 10/50 screens for Iphone beta field mobile application. 


Added To Do creation for estimates that are approved
Added QuickBooks option to synch property address (QuickBooks desktop)
Added QuickBooks account number synching (QuickBooks desktop)
Added customer property name to custom reports
Added item, class, category, and sub category to custom reports
Added Property name to customer history screen
Fixed issue with custom>recalc budgeted man hours option
Fixed issue with record work searching while recording
Fixed recording issue with group jobs

Introducing and Implementing a different kind of help content we're calling "Tours".
You should see these pop up throughout the program to guide you through CLIPitc's functions, features, and benefits. One will always be able to choose not to participate and dismiss the Tour entirely by clicking the X on its box. 

Implementing tooltips around the program to explain the details of some fields and selections.

4th Quarter 2018

Added option to print invoices instead of statements when batch printing
Added ability to put properties on hold
Added material screens for new mobile app
Added Employee edit times for new mobile app
Added change crew screens for new mobile app
Added account notes edit section to CLIPitc
Added reload route screen to new App
Added rounds selection map to CLIPitc
Added historyJobvalue to the custom report fields
Added weather options to the new CLIPitc app
Added installments to customer section of custom reports
Added video/picture upload in CLIPitc for the new app
Added Checkboxes for mass editing job schedules.
Added optimize route to new App
Added Finalize work for new App
Added status for invoice emails sent
Changed crew changes to maintain employees already recorded when changing crews.
Added record work graph for mobile app
Added job details screens, notes screens, signature screen, and contact screens for new mobile app
Deactivate crews option
Made sales tax editable
Also working on new Mobile app (Worked on caching service for mobile app)
Added sort for Rounds
Corrected extra commas in preservice notification
Added picture notes to CLIPitc and new mobile application
Added individual checkboxes for programs updating
Added lawn conditions screens to mobile application
Added non taxable jobs to the tax report
Added precipitation and amounts to weather conditions in CLIPitc

Patch Notes before 4th Quarter of 2018 have been archived.
If you have any inquiries about any of the new additions, enhancements, changes, or corrections, don't hesitate to ask our support personnel!

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