Daily Work Done Report has a few settings changed to it.
Some report dependencies, where a report required a field elsewhere in the program, have been upgraded.
A problem with the Customer Portal, where the customer sent the CLIPitc user a Service Request or Service Note and the user attempted to reply to it would send the reply to themselves, has been corrected.

iOS App
To Dos for customers are now visible.

Accounts Receivable Report now has the option to show customers that have a negative balance.
Daily Work Done Report now show Time in and Out, Number of Men on the Crew, Material Cost, and Invoice Notes if there are any.


QuickBooks Online Authorizations have been fixed.
Invoice Reports can now include or exclude Weather Conditions.
The Job Costing Report was showing malformed data. This is now corrected.
Materials Reports now have a County Field for extra filtering.
To Do Sorts have been redone. Newest To Dos will now show at the top of the list in Descending fashion.
Some small screens or browser windows that were magnified extensively were having trouble with the tab sizes for Customer, Daily, et al. This has been adjusted and corrected.
User Permissions have been added for some upcoming mobile app screens and functions.


Sales Tax report now has a Summary function, for when you're more interested in totals than line items.
History Report now has the option to include Removed Work.
QB Items field on Invoices were widened.
Saving Routing optimizations when Reverse Order was used should now work properly.

Added OnTerra Routing to our Google Maps feature, expanding the number of stops beyond the limit of 24 originally imposed by Google Maps.
Daily Work Report was erroneously showing the column labeled Material Cost. It is now showing Material Price as intended.

Android App
Adjustments were made to the syncing process that occurs when signal is gained after the app was used while offline.

Patch Notes before 1st Quarter of 2020 have been archived.
If you have any inquiries about any of the new additions, enhancements, changes, or corrections, don't hesitate to ask our support personnel!

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