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[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] Global Replacement – Customer Flag
[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] Global Replacement – Customer Flag

How to change customer checkbox globally (lots of customers at one time)

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This article will allow you how to globally select the customer flag on the File Maintenance/Customer List screen. 

This will be useful for companies that have already imported customers into CLIP but now want to flag them as a customer. This would also be useful for certain reports in CLIP as well as designating your customer's from "Estimates", "Employees", or "Vendors."

Before starting, make sure you have made a complete backup and check to make sure everyone is out of CLIP. Click on the link below if you need steps on how to backup CLIP.

Left click "Files", hover over "Global Replacement", and left click on "Replace Information."

Left click to select the "Customer data base", and then left click "Choose field."

Double click the "Cu.Customer Flag" field to select it.

Left click "Replace With."
In the box, type "Y" for yes and click the "OK" button.

Left click "Choose Condition." 

Now you need to decide what you want to filter from your customer database to make this change.
If you want to change "All Active Customers", select "Cu.Customer Status."
In step 2, click "Equals."
Now in step 3, type "Active."

The steps to make a certain range of customer numbers marked with the customer flag are explained in the example below.

In this example, we will use a condition to change a range of customers from 0-100. Select "Customer Number" and then select "Is Greater Than" in step 2.
Enter "0" in step 3.

Click "Add Another Condition" and select "Customer Number."

Select "Is Less Than" and type 100 in step 3.

Click "Use This Condition."

Click "Perform Replacement"

Once it is finished, CLIP will show how many replacements it made at the top right of the screen.

                         Let us know if you need further assistance!

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