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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Service Notifications
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Service Notifications

How to notify customers after or before you do a service (can also upsell using these)

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This article will go over how to send email notifications when a service has been performed on a property for a customer. This works with the customer's email addresses, record work, and lawn conditions. 

In order to send Pre Service or After Service Notifications, you will need to have "Lawn Conditions" entered while recording the work.
Click here for basic understanding on Lawn and Weather Conditions.

Set Up Customer's Email Address

From the main screen, click on the "Customer List" button or "Files" and then "File Maintenance."

On the More Phone #'s screen, make sure the customer has an email address and that the "Service Notices" option is checked. This allows you to have a mixture of service notices and/or statements that can be sent out to different email addresses. If you have more than one checked, the service notices will go out to multiple email addresses.

Pre-Service Notifications (Call Aheads)

If you want to send a notification to your customers, click "Contact Management"> "Job Activity Emails."

The "Job Activity Emails" window will open. This screen has steps 1, 2, and 3 in order to create Pre Service and After Service Notifications.

Before you begin at step 1, click the "Add" button in order to "Save" a template.

From step 2, add a subject line to your email. "TOP OF EMAIL" basically means the body text of the email. Please fill this part with all relevant company information!

Below this, check any options that will fill your email with necessary details! Service Name, Service Date, Service Price, Time in/out, Include Rounds, Service Notes (Invoice Notes), Lawn Conditions, Foreman, Show Property Address, Include Marketing Message, and Consolidate Jobs for just the customer or use the same email if multiple emails are given.
Also define whether you want to use HTML for emails. If you do not use HTML, they will use RICH TEXT format.

Enter all necessary information to fill the email with your preferences:

This is done in order to make it easier to use this screen going forward. The template will save the information on-screen so that you can come back to it later. 

After giving the template a name, go through Steps 1 - 3 entering information for the service notifications.
Set your Crew Range, Job Number Range, Date Range, Subject of the Email, the top of the Email, all of the options and the bottom of the email. You do not need to click "Save", CLIP will do that automatically.

Let us begin with Pre-Service Notifications (Call Aheads). Once you click Pre-Service Notification (Call Aheads), CLIP will collect all of the jobs/customers that are scheduled for the days specified.

If you use programs/rounds, CLIP will ask you to choose what program and round you want to filter out. You can also choose the "Days Since Last Visit", "Crew", and "Zone." Click the "Arrow" button at the bottom right.

"Filter By" will allow you to choose either "Email" or "No Filter." If you choose "Email", it will only show your jobs that are scheduled for the Call Ahead filter. The Call Ahead filter is setup on "Customer's Jobs" as email or both in the "Job Scheduling" tab in the customer screen or "File Maintenance."

You can see all of the jobs regardless of the setting in "Call Ahead" by choosing "No Filter."

Notice that these customers do not have email addresses showing under the email column. This means that the customer either does not have any email addresses entered in the Customer Screen or File Maintenance window, or the Service Notice option is not checked off.

Once the customer has an email address filled in and the "Service Notice" option is checked, they will show up in the list. If you want to see a report of customer's jobs that are not setup to send email notifications, use the exception report button.

Print Call Ahead List

Print the Call Ahead List from the same screen, this will give you a list of contracts you have received from phone calls or a list of customer's who prefer to be called before coming to service their property.

You can modify the Call Ahead report by using the three dots button to the right of the "Print Call Ahead Report" button. This report will only show jobs that are marked as "Phone" or "Both", NOT the ones that are marked as "Email."

After Service Notifications

After Service Notifications work the same except this pulls the jobs that have already been completed in CLIP. On the screen above, just be sure that the starting date in the date range is a date in the past.
Click "After Service Notifications."

                               Let us know if you need further assistance!

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