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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] CLIP Translator

How to translate your route sheet notes in jobs.

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CLIP translator is a web-based translation program that allows you to instantly translate your notes in CLIP to Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, or German. The advantage that this gives you is speed and ease of use. This article will give examples to show the power of on-the-spot translation in all of your notes in CLIP.

CLIP translator is an extra module. You will need to contact our sales department to purchase it separately from the program. This module requires a high speed internet connection because when you translate notes it will connect to the web to perform the translation.

Let us say that we have a route sheet note telling the crew, Make sure that you close the gate when you are done. The combination to the gate is: 22-33-44. Pick up the hoses before servicing. We want these notes in Spanish to make it easier on the H-2B employees.
Simply type these notes into your route sheet notes.

Click "Customer List" or "Files", and then "File Maintenance."
Now, pick the customer's job that you want the note to be entered into.
Click on the jobs tab, and then click "Notes."

Click "Translate Notes."

CLIP translator will place a marker S*************************E before the translation. This enables it to change the translation at any time.
we want to add a new note to these notes so simply type the new note
"Pick up the toys

After typing the new note, click the "Translate Notes" button again. CLIP will replace the old translation with the new one. On this screen, the route sheet notes and limited route sheet notes can be translated. 

You can also translate notes in projects from the customer>Crew & Internal Notes tab. Projects is also an extra module. You will need to contact our sales department to purchase it separately from the program.

Use the Translation Utility by clicking the "Other Modules" menu.
Click "Translate."

This utility will allow you to do on-the-spot translation.

Enter the source language from the drop-down menu and the text that you want to translate. Click "Translate Notes."
 Once it translates for you, you can click "Print" at the bottom in order to get a printed report of the text.

You can also access this print out from the "Customer's Jobs" section under "Notes" tab.

Back on the Translate Text screen, changing the Source and Results languages will change the default language that CLIP translates on other screens.

                     Let us know if you need further assistance!

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