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[CLIPxe] Logo on Invoices
[CLIPxe] Logo on Invoices

How to add your logo to invoices in CLIPxe

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This article is for CLIPxe users that DO NOT use QuickBooks and use CLIP for billing purposes. 

The first step is to have a logo in a picture file.

Once you have found a logo file that you want to show in CLIP, place that file in your CLIP folder (inside a folder called BMP).

The file that CLIP looks for is called COLOGO.BMP.

In order to find the location of your CLIP program, right click your desktop shortcut to CLIP and select "Open File Location."
This is the folder where your CLIP is located.

Another way to find your CLIP program is by clicking the Start menu and selecting "Computer" or "My Computer."

From this window, your CLIP program will either be under the Hard Disk Drives or Network Location heading. Move or copy your logo file into the BMP folder that is inside your CLIPv folder.

If your logo exceeds 500kb, CLIP will let you know the next time you open it.

Once you get this message, you will need to have the logo file changed either by your Windows paint program or a third party picture program.

When you are ready to see your new logo on the invoice in CLIP, click on the Billing menu and then select "Mid-Month Billing."

Make sure that "Print Company Name" is NOT checked. If you keep this option checked, your logo file will be replaced with your registered company name.

Your customers will definitely recognize you with your company logo!

                                Let us know if you need further assistance!

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