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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] How to Add the Mobile Phone to Route Sheet
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] How to Add the Mobile Phone to Route Sheet

Customizing a route sheet to add the mobile phone number.

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This short tutorial article will go over how to modify a route sheet in order to include the mobile phone number. This will help so that your crew or office staff has an additional phone number on the route sheets to get a hold of the customer.

This article is an example of a way that you can modify reports in CLIP. For basic understanding, click on the following link ( to be taken to the article on modifying reports.

Add the mobile phone to the route sheet.

On the main screen of CLIP, click the "Work Orders" icon to access the "Route Sheets" screen.

Step 1: Under "Choose options", click the drop-down menu for "Route Sheet Layout" and select "Custom Route Sheet."

After selecting "Custom Route Sheet", click on the three dots button.

From here, you can click "Choose" to select what route sheet you want to customize. If you do not see the "Modify" button lit up, you will need to click "New."

By doing this, CLIP will copy the route sheet and allow you to change the name in order to begin modifying it.

This will allow you to designate the customized route sheet. Just be sure that the office staff will be pulling route sheets daily and know which route sheet to pull. Click "Modify" after choosing which one you want to make changes to.

The "Report Designer" window will open up.

This form in our example above is copied from the "Enhanced Route Sheet."
Look for a field that looks similar to the field above and double click on it.

In the "expression" section, the "W" is the label that represents the work phone. Change that to "M" or a letter of your choosing to designate that it is a mobile number.

Backspace out the part that reads "bwtel" and change it to read "Pager." This is because the code that represents the mobile number is actually a custom field with a title of "Pager" in the CLIP database.

Once finished, click "OK" and close the "Report Designer" window. Click "Yes" to save your changes.

Note: By doing it this way, instead of the work phone displaying, the mobile phone will now display in the same place that the work phone used to display. 

In order to get both to display, you need to copy the field and paste it on the form  in the "Report Designer." Now, make the same changes above.

                              Let us know if you need further assistance!

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