This article will show you how to put multiple jobs on hold or make jobs active depending on what you need. This would be useful if you have jobs that are season specific and need them all to become on hold when the new season starts.

Before starting, make sure you have made a complete backup and check to make sure everyone is out of CLIP. Click here ( if you need steps on how to backup CLIP.

Left click "Files", and hover over "Global Replacement."
Left click on "Replace Information."

Left click to select the "Job" database and then left click "Choose Field."

Double click the "JB. On Hold?" field to select it.

***Left click "Replace With." In the box, type "Y" to turn the jobs on hold or "N" to make them active. Select "Ok."

Left click "Choose Condition" and double click "JB.Job Number." Now, you need to decide what job numbers you want to change. If you want to make all jobs "On Hold", select "Is Greater Than" on step 2 and enter "0" on step 3.
If you want to make all jobs from 0-100 "On Hold", select "Is Less Than" on step 2 and enter "100" on step 3. In the example shown, I am putting all jobs on hold. When you have made your selection, click "Use This Condition."

Click "Perform Replacement." Once it is finished, CLIP will show how many replacements it made at the top right of the screen.

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