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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Printing Labels
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Printing Labels

How to print labels for your customers from CLIPxe

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This article shows two different areas in CLIP where you can print labels.
The first way of printing labels will be using the "Print Labels" option under the "Custom Reports" menu.
The second option is used in case your label setup is not supported under the first option. The reason for this is because the "Print Labels" menu gives you so many choices for your label dimensions. The second option uses Microsoft Word for Mail Merge purposes to provide many more label dimensions.


  • Print Labels Menu

  • User Defined List - Mail Merge

Print Labels Menu

Click Reports>Custom Reports>Print Labels.

The "Label Printer" window will appear to select options for the labels.

Filter Options To Choose:

Choose Label Layout: This drop-down menu will allow you to choose options for the label layout based on the exact dimensions of the label paper.

Choose DataBase: This drop-down menu will allow you to choose either "Customer" or "Estimate." From the "Customer List" or "File Maintenance" window, you can choose to flag customers as customer, vendor, estimate, or employee.

Choose Order: This will sort the customers on the labels either by customer number or zip code.

Characters Per Inch: This is dependent on the type of labels you have, and whether the labels will fit properly either by using 10 Characters Per Inch or 17 Characters Per Inch.

Choose Condition: This will give you the option to choose a "Customer Condition" of customers. All Customers/Estimates for customers that are flagged as Customers/Estimates or Only One Customer will allow you to choose customer conditions. Using the "Custom Condition" will use CLIP's Condition Generator to filter out certain customers from the CLIP database. The most common condition is a condition for "Active Customers." Below are the steps for creating that condition for "Active Customers":

Step 1 - Choose field from list then double click or press "Enter." In this example, we chose "CU.Customer Status."

Step 2 - Choose operator and press "Enter." In this example, I chose "Equals."

Step 3 - Enter comparison value. This is totally dependent on what field you chose in step 1. For this example, we will type "ACTIVE" and then press "Enter."

In this example, the "End Result: shows Customer.Status = "Active". Click "Use this condition." This condition will not show any customers that are "On Hold."

Print Company Name: This option is for creating envelopes along with labels.

Once you have chosen the desired options, you can click "Test Printer" to send a sample customer to test and make sure your label paper is lined up correctly. When you are ready to complete your label printing, click "Proceed to Print."

User Defined List - Mail Merge

For this option, we will use the User Defined List - Mail Merge to send our labels from CLIP to Microsoft Word. This step may be more advanced than the first option so you might want to use this option if your labels are not one of the options in the "Choose Label Layout" in the first section above. For this step, we will be using Microsoft Word 2013 in our example.

Click Reports>Custom Reports>User Defined List.

Here, we will create a simple list of active customer for our label setup.

Click the "New" button at the top in order to create a new user defined list. Give your report a name and then click "Ok."

Make sure that "Customer and Job" or "Only Customer" is selected under "Choose Database Set" at the top. Now click the "Fields" button.

On the Choose Fields window, choose Property Name, Property Address, Property City, Property State, and Property Zip. You can choose Billing Name, Billing Address, Billing City and State and Billing Zip Code if your company uses the billing Information on the customer screen over the property fields. Click "Return" when finished.

Click "Condition."

For Step 1 - Choose field from list. Select "CU. Customer Status," and double click or press "enter."

Step 2 - Choose operator and click "Equals."

Step 3 - Enter comparison value and type "ACTIVE" and press "enter."

Click "Use This Condition."

Click "Make List." CLIP will ask you to save your changes. Click "Yes."

On the Report Output screen, choose To MS Word Document. Choose "Label" and click "Proceed."

Click "No" since we do not have an existing document for our labels. After clicking "No", you may receive an error message that states "Could Not Find FoxPro ODBC Drivers." This means you will need to install a utility from our website - click here to download.

The error messages in the screenshots above mean that you will also need the utility for ODBC drivers installed. In most cases, getting this error will not stop you from completing these steps.
Install the ODBC drivers from the link above and then come back to complete the steps.
In some version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word will open twice when sending Mail Merge information over to Microsoft Word. Make sure that you open the second document that opens if this happens.

Your Microsoft Word program will open similar to this depending on what version you have. Under Step 2 click "Edit" and choose the drop-down menu that appears.

Click the "Labels" button at the top left hand of the Microsoft Word window. You can also click "Start Mail Merge" and then "Labels."

Choose "Options" in order to select your label options.

Choose your individual label setup and label dimensions here. Click "Ok." Click "Cancel" to get back to your labels.

Click "Insert Merge Field." Choose the fields to insert into your labels clicking return or enter to drop down or space out the labels as needed.

Once you have inserted the Merge Fields so the labels line up correctly, you will want to click "Update Labels" in order for Microsoft Word to push that to each label.

After you have clicked "Update Labels", it should look similar to the screenshot above. Click "Preview Results" in order to see all your customer information displayed on each label.

Once you are satisfied with the look of your labels, you can click "Finish & Merge" in order to Edit Individual Documents, Print Documents and Send Email Messages.

Let us know if you need further assistance!

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