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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Employee Tracking
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Employee Tracking

CLIPxe QCLIPxe Employee Tracking

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The two most important things that you manage as a business are your employees and customers.

If you are recording the times in CLIP for your jobs, you will be tracking the exact dollars per man hour that you make on each customer.

CLIP will tell you which customers you make the most on and which you make the least on. This allows you to adjust the pricing and drop unprofitable customers from your list thereby making more profit with far less work.

As a business, you place yourself between the employees and the customers. The more efficiently you manage each of these, the smarter and more profitable your business becomes. This allows you to share the profits with the very employees that helped to make it possible.

Each employee needs to have a record in the customer list screen or files, and file maintenance. click on the link below   for a tutorial article on how to enter employees and crews.

Once you have some employees and crews setup in CLIP, click the record icon from the main screen of CLIP.
If you haven't refreshed the work bank, it will ask if you want to refresh (Yes or No). To record work with employee tracking, you need to make sure the "Record Times For All Jobs" and "Enter Employee Info" check boxes are both checked under options on the record work screen.

When you select "Y" when marking work as done, you will see the employee recording section in the middle of the screen.

You can add and remove employees that worked on this job by using the add and delete buttons.

CLIP will remember these temporary changes for the rest of the record work session. As you enter the start and stop times for the job, CLIP will automatically transfer these same times to the employee section.

You can enter the stop time either on the entire job or for the individual employee. If an employee left early or came late, you can manually override the Start/Stop time for each individual employee and CLIP will recalculate the Man hrs. 

If you want to reset the employees Start/Stop times back to the job's Start/Stop times, use the "Refresh All" button. Continue recording the times for all crews, making employee adjustments as needed. Post the work as normal. 

As posting is processed, you will be prompted to enter the actual punch in and punch out time for each employee. The initial times come from "Set Start Time for Record Work." You can override these with the exact times. This can be accessed from the "Record Work" screen or from system, and then "Set Start Time for Record Work."

Once you post work with Employee Times filled in, you will be asked to confirm those times. Below is an example of posting work with employee times:

In most cases, you will want to click "No" unless you know that the times are not correct for the employees on the list.

One instance where you would want to discard times is if you are testing how employee times work or starting to use CLIP2Go and your crews are simply testing the way it works or just getting used to it. In most cases, click "No" here also.

You can use the calculator on the bottom left to figure the actual break time. You can also enter a comment for each employee if needed. Select the "Save and Return " button when finished.

These times are saved in the employees file maintenance record. Select an employee in the customer list screen or file maintenance window.

Select the "Employee Hrs" tab.

This shows jobs that have been posted with that employee. Note that the job selected above has a comment displayed at the bottom. Now click Job Detail tab.

This screen displays the jobs that were completed by this employee on the date that was selected on the "Employee Hrs" tab.

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