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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] How To Record Work
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] How To Record Work

CLIPxe QCLIPxe How To Record Work

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Jobs are scheduled so that once you record them and post the work they will be rescheduled based on the next date in the schedule. In order to bill your customers, you need to first post the work for the work to be turned into an invoice.

As you will see in the screenshot under step 1, recording work has been laid out in steps. The following article will take you through the steps, options, and settings that need to be taken to refresh, record, and post the work.


Refresh the Work Bank

Record the Work - Step 1 Choose Options

Record the Work - Step 2 Record the Work

Record the Work - Step 3 Review Recorded Work

Record the Work - Step 4 Post Work

Refresh the Work Bank

The first step to recording the work in CLIP is to Refresh the Work Bank.

Click "Get Jobs" icon from the main screen or click "Daily Routines" and select "Refresh the Work Bank."

Enter the date you want to have the work bank loaded for or when the jobs are scheduled to be done. Click the "continue" button.

Once the date has been refreshed for the work, click the "Record" icon on main screen or click the "Daily Routines" menu. Click "Record the Work."

Record the Work - Step 1 Choose Options

The "Record The Work" screen is laid out in steps.

In step 1 select the date the work that was done, the crew, start time, sort option, and download from CLIP2Go.

The Record Options has many settings for recording work. 

Record Work Options

Record Times For All Jobs will allow a screen to open when marking work as done in order to record times for the job, employee times, dollar amounts, materials, etc.

Record Travel Time will give you a new field on the recording times window to allow you to enter "Travel Times."

Auto Travel Time will allow you to record work while automatically tracking travel time based on the first entry of travel time. This means that the first entry of travel time will be manually entered.

Calculate Travel Time By Truck will allow CLIP to track travel time by Truck # field instead of by crew. The Truck# field only appears when you have "Enter Employee Info" selected.

Recalc Travel Time button will open a screen to select the start time so that CLIP can process and recalculate travel time based the start time of the first job.

Enter Employee Info will allow users to record work and see a grid for entering individual employees.

Use Last Crew Config Recorded will populate the last crew that was recorded in the "Enter Employee Info" grid. With this option unchecked, CLIP will load the crew configuration (foreman, employees, truck number) from the crew setup every time the user marks the job as complete to see the "Spec Info On Job" window.
With this option checked, CLIP will not re-load the crew information from the crew setup and will use the last crew configuration from the last session of recording work.

Use Last Job Time as Payroll End Time will allow the time out in the "Enter Employee Info" grid to change to the "Stop Time" of the job for all employees recorded.

Show Lawn and Weather Conditions will allow the options on the "Spec Info On Job" window to show lawn and weather conditions under the "Enter Employee Info" grid.

Change Budget Time to Actual Time for T&M (CLIP2Go) will allow the budgeted man hours to be actual man hours for time and materials jobs when recording work in CLIP2Go.

Add Note Below to Invoice Notes When Marked As Y will allow an invoice note to be applied for any job when marking work as done when recording work. This is a manually entered note. If the information is entered in the note field and the box is checked, then this will be applied to invoice notes.

Report Options

Detailed Work Done Report will allow a more detailed report to print as a "Final List of Work Done" after posting your recorded work.

Print by Clock Time will allow the "Final List of Work Done" report to print by the "Clock Time" field that you see on the "Spec Info On Job" when recording work as done.

Print Each Crew On A Separate Page will allow the "Final List of Work Done" report to print each crew on a separate page.

Material Recording Options

Calculate Chemical/Material Cost By: Unit Cost or Unit Price will allow you to choose to calculate the Chemical/Material Cost in Spec Info On Job by Unit Cost or Unit Price.

Add materials charge in price for time and materials jobs will allow the price of chemicals/materials to the "Charge This Time" field in the "Spec Info On Job" window.

Click Download



CLIP2Go in order to receive the work into the list of work in the "Mark Work as Done" screen.

Record the Work - Step 2 Record the Work

Click the "Mark Work as Done" button.

A list of work will display for you to choose on the "Mark Work as Done" screen.

A listing of hot keys or menu choices are displayed at the top of this window. Either click on an option at the top or use a hot key to press on your keyboard.

On the list of jobs, click 'Y' or press the 'Y' key on your keyboard. This will mark a job as complete. "Spec Info on Job" window will open depending on your "Record Options."
On the list of jobs or "Mark Work as Done" screen, there is a "Chg to Next" button. This button will change the posting date to either the default date or the Next Visit date of the job.

If you want to manually add a job that currently isn't scheduled, click 'A' or press the 'A' key on your keyboard.

What if a job was rained out, or for some reason the job could not be completed? Click 'S' or press 'S' key on your keyboard to mark the job as "Skipped."

Choose an option that fits the schedule you want to keep for that job. Check "Keep with Day of Week" in order to stay with the same day of the week as today's date or the day that you skipped the job.

Click 'G' or press 'G' key on your keyboard if you would like to group two job times together. In this scenario, you would have performed two separate services at the same time for the same customer or two different customers.

Click "Add Jobs to Group" in order to select another job to group with the first job. Choose Start/Stop Times, Travel Time, Posting Date, Employee Info in the grid and then click "Distribute Times" in order to distribute the times based on the grouped jobs. Click "Edit Times" to change times if need be.

Use "Find Job" hot key if you know the specific name or number of the job you a looking for in the list.

Click "Enter Manual Transaction" if there is a credit or debit that you need to quickly post while recording work.

Record the Work - Step 3 Review Recorded Work

Click "Print Tentative" or "View Transactions."

Review recorded work will allow you to view a tentative list of the recorded work or view transactions of any credits/debits entered while "Mark Work As Done" in step 2.

Record The Work - Step 4 Post Work

Posting the Work will allow the work to be ready for billing. From the "Record Work Subtotals" screen, click "Post Marked Work."

Click the crew range for the work you want to be posted or click the "All Crews" option.
Post all jobs that were done using the date as the posting date
will ensure that once you click the "Post The Work" button the jobs get posted with that date. 

Only Post Jobs that were done on the recorded 'Posting Date' of, will ensure that only the jobs recorded as done have the posted date once you click "Post the Work."
Post all Jobs that were done for all dates using the recorded "Posting Date" will ensure that the date done will be the date that is used once you click "Post the Work."

Once the "Print Invoice Notes in Report" option is checked, the "Final List of Work Done" report will show invoice notes.

"Place Invoice Notes in History"
will allow users to see the invoice notes in the history tab from customer list/file maintenance window.

"Preview the Work Done Report Before Printing" will allow users to see a "Final List of Work Done" report that looks similar to the tentative report of the jobs that were just posted. 

"Save to PDF File Before Printing" will ensure that CLIP saves the "Final List of Work Done" as a pdf file after you click "Post the Work."

"Print Each Crew On a Separate Page"
will ensure that each crew you are posting for will print on the "Final List of Work Done" report on a separate page. 

The option to print the "Final List of Work Done" as Landscape or Portrait is next to the "Print Options."

The Exception Report is configured in CLIP from system menu>Financials> Exception Report (see below). 

Once you have configured when and what jobs or crews will display the report, you can then use the "Mail Exception Report" option on the posting screen.

The bottom of the posting screen will show you how many jobs, amounts, and man hours you are posting. 

The "Final List of Work Done" report will show the crews that you are posting. If you are only posting for crew 1 and have selected crew 1 at the top of the posting screen, then the "Final List of Work Done" report will display this.

Once posting the work has been selected, if employee times were either entered when recording from CLIP in the office or received from CLIP2Go, the save screen will open in order to preview or make changes to the employee times.

Let us know if you need any further assistance!

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