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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Variable Scheduling
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Variable Scheduling

Variable scheduling for shifting visit patterns.

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This article will help with understanding the variable schedule option when setting up the scheduling on your jobs in CLIP. Variable scheduling is for jobs that have a very specific scheduling pattern. One example for using this is when you provide landscape services year-round, but during part of the year that you visit biweekly then other parts of the year you visit monthly, etc.

To begin using it, click "customer list" or "files". Click "file maintenance" from the main CLIP screen. Find a customer that you want setup on variable schedule and then click "jobs." Click the "schedule" tab. 

You can also setup variable schedule on the pattern jobs. However, for this article we will go to a customer for now. Click the "var. scheduling" checkbox and then click the "variable schedule" button.

This will open the variable schedule screen.

The screen will display "Variable Scheduling Periods" or changes to the schedule that will happen "On or after" a day period. 

Entering "Budgeted Man Hour's" will allow you to see how much labor hours will be put into the job. Remember to come back to this screen after the service is complete in order to check the "Done" checkbox.

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