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[qCLIPxe] Cannot Connect to QuickBooks (CoreObjx Object)
[qCLIPxe] Cannot Connect to QuickBooks (CoreObjx Object)

[qCLIPxe] cannot connect to QuickBooks (CoreObjx Object)

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Have you ever imported data or transferred invoices to QuickBooks and received an error message similar to the one below?

This will most often occur if you have a new workstation in your network environment or you if you just finished moving CLIP to a new computer but the CLIENT set up has not been ran.

  • Make sure CLIP is closed on your computer/workstation.

  • Click the Start Menu (on Windows 8 or above click on the folder icon towards the bottom of the screen).

  • From here, locate the CLIPv folder and then double click on the CLIENT folder. The CLIPv folder will either be in the C:\ drive or under the network locations if you are on a network environment.

  • Right click on setup or setup.exe, select "Run As Administrator."

  • Let the process run through.

  • Click through each screen accepting defaults as you click (next, next, agree, next, next, etc.).

  • When the process is finished, it will say "Finished."

  • You will then have an icon for CLIP to open on your desktop.

Running this setup program will install the necessary files that our software needs to run properly. If you still receive this error after running this setup program, feel free to contact our technical support department for further assistance.

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