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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] How do I make a backup?
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] How do I make a backup?

Backup is VERY important - Always make backup to external image / media especially for the desktop version

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Making backups is an important task for your office to do daily, weekly, or as often as you can. There is not just ONE way to backup. You can use the basic copy/paste method or download a utility to backup CLIP software for you. We recommend a service called idrive - click here for more information on idrive backups. Otherwise, you can use the basic copy/paste to a folder method. It is always a good idea to put your backup on a CD/DVD, flash drive, hard drive, or any removable media.
The link below will bring you to our video on how to make a backup:

Steps for COPY/PASTE Folder Backup Method

You will want to know where CLIP is installed. You can do this by right clicking on the shortcut on your desktop which accesses CLIP. Click properties. Click on 'FindTarget' or 'Open File location'.

This is the location you want to back up to your drive. If for example, it states the target path is C:\NetCLIP\CLIPV (or K:\NetCLIP K:\CLIPv) then you will want to back up the entire CLIPv folder & sub folders.

Click on the Start Menu, or for Windows 8 users click the folder icon at the bottom of your screen.

Click Computer or My Computer.

Find your CLIPV folder either in your Local Disc 'C:' or under network locations heading.

Right Click on CLIPV.

Click Copy.

Click the back button or click start menu & click computer or My Computer again.

Click on your CD/DVD, flash Drive, hard Drive or removable media.

Right click then select Paste.

This will begin copying the contents of your CLIP folder

Steps for Backup Utility in CLIP

Get everyone out of CLIP

Click Files, Backup, Local Backup
Press any key to exit since CLIP needs to be closed before performing a backup
Click Yes in order to agree to the terms.

Here, you can choose what to backup and you can Save to Another Location. Click Backup Now in order start the backup process. If you click Backup Now without having Save To Another Location selected, CLIP will create the backup in the CLIPv folder under the Backup folder

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