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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] End of Year Functions
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] End of Year Functions

End of Year Start of Season Global Replacement

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This article will go over end of year functions and how to complete this global replacement. It is recommended that a few settings be reset each year. This is a global replacement, please make sure that you have a complete backup of your CLIP program before continuing.
Click on the link below for detailed steps on making a backup before proceeding:

Click Files, Global Replacement, and then End of Year Functions.

The process button is greyed out because you first need a condition. A condition will be more of a 'filter' in order to filter out certain jobs in your CLIP system for the end of year global replacement function.

Reset Variable Schedule One Year Later if you are using the Variable Scheduling option in the Job Schedule screen. This will increase the date by one year.

Reset Done to Date with 0 is the most important. Every time you do a service, CLIP increments the Done To Date field in the Job Detail tab and keeps a record of how many times a service has been Done To Date. This will be reset back to 0 each year.

Reset Start/Stop Schedule for one year later. If you are using the Start/Stop Schedule option this will increase the date by one year.

Reset Prepaid to Per Service is for customers that are setup as Pre-Paid status in the Job Detail screen. At the end of the season when the prepayment is finished, this option allows you to change their jobs back to Per Service so it will start charging them for services in case they don't sign up for Pre-Pay for the next year.

Reset Programs and Rounds will reset the code on the programs and rounds. This will reset the programs and rounds marked as Skip or Done to Active. This does not affect the programs that are marked as On Hold.

You can enter an individual program code if you simply want to reset the Do code on one program. In order to check which program code to use, click Pattern Programs icon from the main screen.

Above is an example on where to find the Program Codes from the Pattern Programs button on the main screen. If you do not have an individual Program Code to enter and want to simply reset all, then leave that field blank.

Reset Discounts button will bring you to a window that will allow you to either Remove or Reset a discount code.

The first drop-down will allow you to select which discount. The condition will filter what jobs or other fields you want to pull out of CLIP to perform the reset.

Click Choose Condition. Normally you will want to do this for all of your jobs, but you could narrow it down to a particular job in your system. Click Choose Condition. The Condition Generator window will open. For this example, we will select a condition of all jobs in the system.

Double click or enter on the JB.Job Number field.

Click Is Greater Than.

Type 0.

Press enter and then click Use this Condition button. In order to perform a reset on one job in your system, you would first need to know what that job number is (find that from the Pattern Jobs icon from the main screen). Once you know what the job number is, you must choose the condition. After that,  do the same steps above except click Equals instead of Is Greater Than (in Step 2).

On the Reset Discount window, click the Process button to perform the Discount Reset. Once that is finished, click Return to get back to the End of Year Functions window. Once you have selected the options you want to reset, click Choose Condition and perform the same condition steps as above.

Click Process in End of Year Functions to reset your jobs.

Let us know if you need further assistance!

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