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*NEW* [qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] What's New in the Latest Update? (08/26/2020)
*NEW* [qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] What's New in the Latest Update? (08/26/2020)

Latest Update - What is new ? Server XE version

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Here are the latest fixes/enhancements to XE over the last two months:


A situation was identified and corrected regarding a certain folder's existence and generation when receiving information from CLIP2GO.

Corrected a table that was being left open in Special Invoices-integrated copies of CLIPxe when an invoice was voided through Void Invoices.

A situation in the QB Link Module was identified and a change applied coming back from the report viewer.


Corrected an issue when looking at the current usernames and also the usernames that are logged in.

Fixed a problem with processing Credit Card transactions through Enter Transactions on Special Invoices-integrated copies of CLIPxe.

A verification message will now properly display alerting the user that their subscription has lapsed when the company's subscription, indeed, has expired.

All previous updates have been archived. Below is a link to the article that contains the walkthrough on performing the update.

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