Everyone! Here is the latest fixes/enhancements to XE

In April fixed an issue with Google maps latitude/longitude accuracy to enhance GPS locations.
In June fixed issue with Bluepay Credit card transactions not showing as approved in CLIPxe. 


  • Additional Bug fix for Link / Unlink ( QCLIPXE users )
  • Bug Fixes to Google Maps & QCLIPxe
  • AutoPay or ACH Feature !
  • Added GPS Tracking!
  • Schedule Calendar Changes
  • Added Google Maps Functionality!
  • QCLIPXE Customers - Using Transfer All!
  • Google Maps!
  • Added Functionality on CMS Activity Screen
  • Added Prior Column to Rounds Summary Sheet 
  • Job Costing Report Fixes
  • Payroll Report - Can Pull Multiple Employees
  • Material Cost and Material Price Show Correct Amount on the Job 
  • [qCLIPxe] Transfer Invoices - Can Send Skipped Jobs Over To QB 
  • For Sweeper Companies - Added Crew in Variable Scheduling
  • Additional Installments - Create Coupons
  • Added Additional Custom Fields 
  • Changed Help Manuals Link
  • Added Field for User Defined List
  • Sped Up CMS
  • Added Function in Post Service Notifications
  • General Fixes

Per the 2/12/2019 Update...
-Attacked errors you might have seen around the program involving SQL Group By Clauses.
-Billing Sub Menu will now close the first time you run a Tax Report when you are doing your end of month billing. This is to prevent the Billing Sub Menu from becoming the active window in rare occasions and hanging the program.
-CLIP will now shut down whenever you encounter an error and also when you Index your Files. This is to ensure that all structures are closed.
-Added a note to the end of the CHECK ALL permissions routine to remind the user that they need to check each tab to ensure that they have the permissions checked that they wanted.
-Fixed the problem that you might have seen labeled XUBCLEANUP when printing/previewing the statements.
-fixed the Grouping problem with Crew Members reverting back to the original number on the grouped jobs.

In August we fixed an issue with CLIPxe remembering Enter Transactions settings. 

In June and July we added (To CLIPxe) a way to process an "Auto Bill" using Credit Cards and running a Billing, then Reversing it.

We added the ability to have the daily gross report emailed to the owner/manager of the company each time work is recorded and posted.
We enhanced the Job Detail report to include the customer's phone numbers.

In May and June we added more information on the Job Detail Report from File Maintenance.  It now includes the customer phone numbers and other customer information.  
We added a filter for Residential or Commercial in the Job Type Report.
We enhanced some billing functions.
In March and April we created a new report for multi-day jobs. This report is available from the history screen and from the record work screen.  The function is to help you see the hours, employees, and other pertinent information for a multi-day job.  

We enhanced the credit card data entry screen.  This is accessed through the Financials/Bank tab on each customer's screen.  It was confusing to some users and we hope that it is now very clear. 

Warning: we have found that the VIPRE and END POINT anti-Virus software interferes with CLIP's functionality.  In spite of assurances from IT professionals that VIPRE should not interfere, we have found that by removing it the errors disappear.   If you are getting random errors and they seem to have begun sometime at the beginning of the year, you are most likely the victim of this type of anti-virus.  There might have been a virus that "looks like" CLIP and now the AV software is interrupting the flow of data in CLIP.  The anti-virus has become the virus!

Just in case you haven't downloaded the newest version, you can find it at the link in the button below. 

Additional Bug Fix for Link / Unlink ( QCLIPXE users )

As of February 2017, we found that in some occasions linking customers to QuickBooks could cause QB_ID or List_id malfunction. Now instead of QCLIPXE using the QB_ID, it only sends the LIST_ID over to QuickBooks. List_ID is the field used in the back-end programming that QCLIPXE uses to connect a CLIP customer to a customer in QuickBooks.

Bug Fixes to Google Maps & QCLIPxe

As of February 2017, we implemented bug fixes to Google Maps & QCLIPxe. In regards to how the behind the scene process works with customers being linked over to QuickBooks, qCLIPxe will now resolve to the right customer name if using the bill to other for a master customers ( see button below ). 

Also, we've implemented code change for Google Maps that was needed because Google implemented a mass change to their behind the scene process recently with their Google Maps Service.

Autopay or ACH Feature!

As of January 2017, we've added autopay or ach to CLIPxe & QCLIPxe ! This works with BluePay & the steps on this is located in the article using the button below!

Added GPS Tracking:

As of October 2016, added GPS Tracking capabilities which requires the use of CLIP2Go.

For using CLIP2Go, see the link below. Below that, there is a link to our 'how to' article on GPS Tracking.

Schedule Calendar Changes

As of the end of November 2016, we've made a change to the core functionality of the desktop version of the software. The changes made will now require jobs that are intended to show up on the Schedule Calendar, ( this can be accessed using the icon in the screenshot below ) to have the respected crews setup under SYSTEM > Crew Setup. See the article below in the link to access those steps:

Crew Setup

Added Google Maps Functionality!

As of Aug 30, 2016 we've added the Area & Man Hour fields to the Google Maps screen when mapping within Rounds Invoices.

As of July 12th, 2016 we've added Google Maps to Rounds Invoices!

Click the button below for the how to steps on using Google Maps for routing purposes!

Before this, the MAP button opened a screen from Microsoft MapPoint. Next, it asks which do you want to use? If you choose Google Maps, use the same options as before except for now it will open them in Google Maps!

QCLIPXE Customers - Transfer All Issue!

Fixed issue relating to Transfer All button. When you select transfer all on the Transfer Invoices to QB screen, this will send over old bills that didn't correspond to anything in your billing process.

Google Maps!

06/14/2016 We've improved the stability of Google Maps by making slight changes to where Google Maps uses the starting location and other general fixes.

*As of the latest update, we fixed issues in Google Maps routing related to sending jobs to the website!

Added January 2016, we fixed the bug that would not allow Google Maps to receive properly in February 2016. 

On the Route Sheets screen, you will now see Send Online and Receive Online buttons next to the Upload to CLIP2Go button. This is for sending your route to Google Maps. Click Send Online, and then adjust your route on the website. Once finished, click Receive One. The route will be brought back into CLIP with the order specified.

Also, we changed the Map button on the customer screen to pull the address into Google Maps!

Added Functionality on CMS Activity Screen:

11/18/2015 On the CMS Activity screen that opens once you or other users have a CMS Activity that is due for them, you can now use the checkbox, change the Due Date, and Mark Complete from this screen.

Once you have clicked Change Date Due, you will see a screen similar to the one below in order to change the date that the activity is due by:

Once you change the Date Due here, it will update the CMS Activity and push it out to notify you on the new day.

Added Prior Column to Rounds Summary Sheet 

11/16/2015 Added Column to Programs & Rounds Summary Sheet for column called Prior. This column will pull the Last Visit of the last round that was completed in the entire Program. From the screenshot below, there is no date for last visit for the round because this is the first time doing the round. There is a date for prior since there was a round previously done in this program.

Job Costing Report Fixes

06/14/2016 We've made a new sort on Job Costing Report that allows the jobs to be sorted specifically by Installment - Average $ per hour. This means when you use the filter Contract Job Report Version and sort by Sort by Dollars Per Hour it will put the Installment Jobs Average $ Per Hour lowest to highest.

11/06/2015 From Reports , Job Reports , Job Costing. After you click Prepare Files, make sure that you sort it by Dollars Per Hour. Fixed issue in job costing report where it would divide out the chemical cost for programs and rounds.

Payroll Report - Can Pull Multiple Employees

10/21/2015 The Payroll Report from Reports , Employee ,and the Payroll report, you can now select multiple employees under the Employee ID field instead of before when you could only do either just one or all.

After clicking the three dots button above, the Employee List will open. You can now select any number of employees on the list to report on.

[qCLIPxe] Transfer Invoices - Can Send Skipped Jobs Over To QB

08/19/2015 Added feature in the Transfer Invoices to QuickBooks screen to show Skip Jobs. This allows for any skipped work to transfer and show on an invoice in QuickBooks.

Material Cost and Material Price Show Correct Amount on the Job

05/15/2015 Changed the Material Cost and Material Price fields to actually display the amount of the Material(s) entered on the job.

For Sweeper Companies - Added Crew in Variable Scheduling

04/09/2015 Added the Crew field in the schedule screen for jobs that utilize "Variable Scheduling".

New to variable scheduling? We originally made this feature with sweeping companies and other service industries in mind! To see how variable scheduling works, follow the link below: https://app.intercom.io/a/apps/um1ikb9l/educate/articles/405612/show

Additional Installments - Create Coupons 

03/25/2015 Added ability to create coupons and cover letters for Additional Installments.

After creating Additional Installments for customers, you will have the option to create coupons and cover letters the same way you would with the first installment.

Added Additional Custom Fields

03/24/2015 Added more custom fields. From the File Maintenance or Customer List screen click Custom Fields tab. Using these Custom Fields is a great idea for creating reports!

Changed Help Manuals Link 

02/27/2015 Changed the old Help / Manuals button to link straight to here! This allows for easy access to our support help desk.

Added Field for User Defined List

02/25/2015 Added new field in User Defined List for 'Put Customer On Hold On'. Now you can run custom reports on the field so you know when you put customers on hold.

Sped Up CMS

02/24/2015 Sped up the CMS! When clicking on the CMS tab from a customer, it will load faster and CMS Activities will load faster for notifications when you open CLIP.

Added Function in Post Service Notifications

02/10/2015 Added function in post service notifications for multiple lawn conditions 'Actions' to appear. For instance, if work was posted with multiple lawn conditions then you can send post service notifications with multiple actions.

General Fixes

October 2016

Fixed issue with Google Map and now Google Maps uses the latitude & longitude. This provides accuracy versus just using the address in the case that the address in the software is wrong.

August 2016

Fixed issue where QCLIPXE users would find that customer's linked would randomly change when transferring invoices over to QB.

May 2016

Fixed issue when pushing programs/rounds into work bank or marking them as printed where the Addons that are associated with the rounds would not push into work bank properly.

April 2016

Fixed issue when created User Defined List - Custom Reports where customer's information would duplicate after creating new customers.

March 2016

Fixed Issues relating to compability with Office 2016 when using Microsoft Outlook 2016 and Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

February 2016

Fixed bug that would allow two level one users to be added from System > Passwords > Set Passwords screen.


We have fixed an issue where the Pattern Job print button will not display the Summary option.

Added the option to use the Old Manually Order Route Sheets under options button on Route Sheets or Work Orders screen.

Fixed a bug that could happen for QCLIPxe users when transferring invoices over to QB causing the QB_ID line to mismatch with a random customer.

Fixed a bug relating to some specific Global Replacement commands that were not letting you make the Global Replacement complete the process.

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