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[QCLIPxe] Global Replacement - Item List
[QCLIPxe] Global Replacement - Item List

How do I update all of my items in jobs globally (all at the same time)?

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This article will explain how to import and change the item list so that it reflects the item list that you have selected in each of your jobs. This will be useful if you need to change information in your QuickBooks item list, and need the change show up in CLIP for each job.
: This function is only for the QuickBooks version of CLIP called QCLIPxe.

To start, we will need to gather information from your QuickBooks item list. In QuickBooks, click on the List menu and then click Item List. Find the item or items that you have recently changed, and make sure you have imported that information from QuickBooks into qCLIPxe.  For more information on how to import data From QuickBooks, click here:

After you have imported your "Updated Item List" from QuickBooks, click the Pattern Jobs icon on the main screen of CLIP.

Look through the list of Pattern Jobs, and find the one that needs the updated item under the Job Detail tab.

Once we change the item here, the item will carry over for any new customers that you add new jobs too.  For example, to make sure that this item shows up for all "Landscaping Maintenance Job Number 2" in the CLIP system open your QuickBooks. After you've opened QuickBooks, click List menu and then Item List. Find the updated item then copy the item name exactly as it shows in QuickBooks.

Click File>Global Replacement>Replace Information.

Select Job under Choose Database.

Click Fields button.

Find the field called "JB.QuickBooks Item" field and double click. Click "Replace With."

From here, open QuickBooks and find the item from List menu and then click Item List. By selecting and copying the name of the item, you can simply right click in this field and paste it in. If you manually type it in, make sure you type the Exact Item name that appears in QuickBooks. When satisfied, click Ok. Click Choose Condition. The job number we pulled up in Pattern Jobs was Landscaping Maintenance #2. For this condition, we will be pulling Job Number = 2.

Under Step 1, select "JB.Job Number", double click or press enter. Under Step 2, click Equals.

Under Step 3, type 2 to represent Job Number 2, then press enter.

For our example, the End Result should show JOB.JOBNUM = 2. Click "Use This Condition."

At this point, make sure the Replacement Command shows the correct item name and job number. Once you are satisfied, click Perform Replacement.

Let us know if you need further assistance!

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