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[qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] Global Replacement - Adjust Prices
[qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] Global Replacement - Adjust Prices

How to adjust the prices for all jobs or customers globally (all at the same time)

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This article will guide you through the steps for either increasing or decreasing prices for your services across the board in CLIP! Doing this is a big decision! We want you to be sure that this is something that will be a benefit to your company and your customers!

The first step is to make a backup. For full steps on how to make a backup, please click here:

After you have ensured that you have a backup, click Files > Global Replacement > Adjust Prices.

This feature will take you through five steps to completing the global price change.

Step One - Click either Raise Prices or Lower Prices depending on the price change you want to make.

Step Two - Click either Jobs, Installments, or Programs. This depends on if you intend to change the price globally on your jobs, monthly contract installments or programs / rounds.

Step Three - Adjust by this amount and select if you want a Fixed Change, Percent Change, or use Whichever Is Greater. Select the Amount or Percentage in the field to the right of Adjust by this amount.

Step Four - Condition generator. This is used to filter out a field in the database. For instance, a popular condition here would be Job Number > Equals > 1 (or whatever the number of the job would be). This way you can specify a field to complete the Price Change globally.

In the example above, we have chosen JB (Job Number in step 1). For Step 2, we choose Equals and then type "1." In step 3, then we hit enter on keyboard then click Use This Condition.

For the condition generator, you can choose whatever job field you wish in step 1. If you wish to do a range, choose Is Greater Than in step 2 and then Add Another Condition. After you have done that, use Is Less Than in step 2 to complete the range.

Click Perform Price Change in step five to complete the global price change.

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