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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Email List

Report on what customers have email address filled in

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This article will go over how to create a user defined list report for customers that have email addresses entered in CLIP.

Click Reports, Custom Reports, User Defined List.

Click on New to create a new custom list. Give your list a name then select Only Customer as the database you want to use and then click Fields.

Inside of the Fields screen, select the fields you want to show on the report. In the screenshot above, the Property Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Email of the customer will be on the list.

Next click Condition. This will go through your customer database and filter through it to get you the data you want.

In the condition window, double click CU.Customer Number in Step 1. Is Greater Than in Step 2. Type 0 in Step 3. Press Enter then click Use This Condition. We don’t need any more conditions.

Click Sort by.

Double click on CU.Property Name field.

Click Make List. You’ll probably be asked to save changes. Click Yes.

The Report Output window will ask where you want the report. Click Proceed after you have chosen where you want the report.

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