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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Changing Themes
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Changing Themes

How to change the theme in CLIPxe

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Ever wondered why the screenshots we show looks different than your program? This is because we are using a theme called Modern Theme. This article will go over how you can change the theme in your CLIP program. Changing themes in CLIP is done by having the Password System activated so that when you open CLIP, it will ask for a Username and Password combination, click here in order to find out how to begin the Password system in CLIP.

Classic Theme

Modern Theme

Modern Theme 2

To change themes, click System, Passwords, Set Passwords.

Highlight the username that you want to change the theme for and click Edit User.

Click the Menu Options tab then you will see a Theme Control drop-down menu, use this to change the theme!

Let us know if you need further assistance!

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