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[CLIPxe] Setting Up CLIP2Go
[CLIPxe] Setting Up CLIP2Go

Setting Up CLIP2Go - Mobile Version

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CLIP2Go is a way to see customer’s information, edit jobs, record work from the field, and more! To make it accessible for any type of device, we created a mobile website, instead of an app. You can create a shortcut to make it look like an app, click here to see how that works.

This article goes over how to setup CLIP2Go for the first time from start to finish, and not how to use it on a daily basis. 

Contents - Sections of CLIP we will be covering:

  • Turn on Password System

  • Setup Company-wide password

  • Add Employee & Crew Setup

  • Uploading Information To CLIP2Go

  • Login To CLIP2Go

Turn on Password System, Click Enter:

After enabling this, you will be logging into CLIP with a username/password. If this is NOT the first time you are setting this up make sure you login to CLIP as a level 1 user.

From the main screen click on SYSTEM drop-down menu then hover over PASSWORDS, click SET PASSWORDS

If this window doesn’t open for you, you're probably not logged in as a level 1 user. Logout, then log back in as the admin.

Click ACTIVATE PASSWORDS, and once it asks you for username/password enter:

Username: CLIP

Password: CLIP

click on the CLIP2Go / CLIPconnect tab. Click here for a detailed list of all the permissions for additional information.

Setup Company-wide password:

From the main CLIP screen, Click on the SYSTEM drop-down menu, then click Company SETTINGS.

Under the Password field, setup an easy company-wide password that everyone in your office will use to access CLIP2Go.

Add Employee & Crew Setup:

For CLIP2Go to work, you need crews. To have crews, you need employees. So let's start by adding employees to CLIPxe. Go to the customer screen by clicking Customer List from the main screen. Click ADD NEW then go through the process the same way you would add a new customer. Once the "New Customer" is added, select the checkbox on the top right hand of the screen to make it an employee.

Once an employee is added, go back to the main screen & select the SYSTEM pull-down menu. Click CREW SETUP, then click ADD to add a new crew. Give it a number, then fill in the crew name. Click ADD EMPLOYEE towards the bottom right then choose the employee from the list. Click here for additional information on Adding Employees & Crew Setup.

Uploading Information to CLIP2Go:

Refresh your work bank by clicking GET JOBS from the main screen icon under the work section or under Daily Routines then Refresh Work Bank. Click through the options and then go to the main screen & click the SEND button under the CLIP2Go section. At the very bottom under Step 4, click Upload To CLIP2Go.

On the next screen, if this is your first upload then make sure you have Active Customers & Include Employees checked. Other options on this screen are optional for the first time. Click Process and Send.

The next window that appears will ask you to select one destination to upload, make sure CLIP2Go Web is selected then click PROCESS. The window will either say "Uploaded Successfully" or it will just disappear.

Login To CLIP2Go:

Once that is complete you can log into the website at The initial username is your CLIP Serial Number located at the top of your CLIP screen.

The password is the main password you setup originally. After that, just login with the same username you use to login to CLIPxe.

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