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[qCLIPxe] Linking Customers from CLIP to QB
[qCLIPxe] Linking Customers from CLIP to QB

Customers need linked either when first creating them or importing them over from QB - Customers link / unlink Update in QB

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This short article will display how customers get linked from CLIP to QB, using qCLIPxe.

Once the customer is linked to QB properly, the QB_ID field should be the same as the customer name in QuickBooks.

Let us link/unlink a customer from CLIP to QB. Once you click the Unlink button, CLIP will confirm with you to get to the next step.

Clicking yes will take you to the next step in order to link the customer.

From here, you can either type or copy/paste the customer's name from QuickBooks or click Choose QB Customer in order to search for the customer.

See below for an example of a customer that is not linked with QuickBooks and does not have a QB_ID filled in.

If it is a new customer, click Send To QB in order to send it over to QB to make a new customer in QuickBooks. If you simply want to make sure it is linked properly, click link button to the right of the QB_ID field in order to link and verify that it is connected to the right customer in QuickBooks.

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