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[CLIPxe] Using CLIP2Go in the Field
[CLIPxe] Using CLIP2Go in the Field

How to setup CLIP2go for your crews on their phones.

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This article will go over the daily use of CLIP2Go. Please view this article after completing the steps in "Setting Up CLIP2Go."

Using CLIP2Go will be useful for the crews, foreman, or employees that you have using CLIP2Go.

Let us begin on the CLIP2Go sign in page, click here to access the CLIP2Go sign in page.

From here, you will enter the CLIP serial number that displays at the very top of your CLIP program. The password or Company Password is the same password that you accessed from System>Company Settings. Once entering the serial number and company password, you will find your username from the drop-down then enter the same password that you have setup in CLIP.

Once you have enter the correct login information, the site will bring you to the main screen:

From the main screen of CLIP2Go, the crews will want to click Route Sheets in order to view their work for the day.

From here, you can keep Include Jobs checked if all you have are jobs. However, if you ONLY use Programs/Rounds then you can uncheck Include jobs so CLIP2Go knows to only display Programs/Rounds. Click Only Show Jobs Due On then select a date in the calendar to have jobs displayed on the day they are due on. You can also change the Forman, Add, or Delete employees. Furthermore, you can view the All Notes Report and Material Load List report from this screen.

Click the Crew drop-down menu in order to choose which crew will be working for the day. Click See Work after selecting the crew. If you are on a smaller screen or a mobile device, you may want to use Go to Mobile Version at the bottom of the screen.

Select the customer by double clicking or click Select while the customer is highlighted. Additionally, you can select the customer and then click Change Crew to change crews. Clicking Go To Customer will take you to the Customer List screen in order to see the customers file.

At this screen, click Start on the job to begin recording. You can click Materials if you need to add materials while on the job.

When the job is finished, click End.

If the job is completed as done, click OK.

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