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[QCLIPxe] How to Setup Discounts
[QCLIPxe] How to Setup Discounts

How to setup discounts in QCLIPxe (version that connects to Quickbooks)

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This function allows you to apply discounts to jobs, installments, and contracts. The discount list is both centralized (there are specific discount codes that you can set up) and it is particularized in the jobs (there are parameters in the jobs that can be tweaked). Because of this function, it is very powerful to make sure that you give your customers the discounts they deserve and still maximize your profits.

Setting up Discounts

In qCLIPxe, discount items need to be setup in QuickBooks first and then imported into qCLIPxe. Discount items, just like other QuickBooks items, are added in the item list. To import discount items from QuickBooks, import the item list. For the steps on importing data from QuickBooks, click the following link: 

Use the option called To Jobs Item List Dropdown, this means it will import ALL items from your QuickBooks Item List.

Once you have imported your discount items from QuickBooks, you can start using discounts. To start using discounts, setup the discount codes in the menu under System > Setup Discounts.

Then you will see:

You can edit discount items here. Note: new discount items must be added through QuickBooks.

There are the fields that you need to enter for a new discount:

  1. Code -- A short ( up to 10 characters ) code of the discount.

  2. Expires -- If this discount expires, enter a "Y" here.

  3. If it expires, enter whether it expires by a certain date or by a certain number of times this discount is applied. 

NOTE: Description, Adjust Amount, Percent, or Dollar fields are NOT editable within qCLIP. These fields must be edited in QuickBooks and then the new item list must be imported.

There are a lot of possibilities with these discounts. You can set up early bird discounts, first time discounts, or senior citizen discounts. When you want to cancel a discount, simply make it inactive.

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