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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Contact Management System
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Contact Management System

How to use the CMS in CLIPxe (internal jobs for the office)

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Contact Management System is abbreviated as CMS. This tool helps track customer complaints, compliments, customer service issues, and follow-up calls to increase the value of your customer service and your business in general. There is a section from the Correspondence tab that you can use in order to store files: documents, pictures and other files for the customer.

We will first go over how to attach documents to a customer's accounts. From the Customer Screen, click Correspondence and then select Office.

Add To Outlook - This option will allow a file to be sent over to your Microsoft Outlook program in order to email it out from there.

Add File / Scan - This option will allow you to scan a document straight into this section in order to attach it to the customer's account.

Add Existing File - This option will ask where the document is that you want to attach to a customer's account.

Open File - This option will open the file that is stored in this section.

Email Document - This option will email the file using any email program. This requires that the email settings from System > EMAIL SETTINGS be filled out with the email information.

In order to get setup using the Contact Management System or CMS, we will first need to log into CLIP with a username/password.

Once the password system has been activated go to Customer List or Files, then File Maintenance, and then click the Correspondence tab.

CLIP will open to the CMS tab.

Click Add to start entering a CMS activity.

If some type of action is required, then click Activity Required. If this is just a note that needs to be posted to the customer history for future reference, then no activity is required.

You can assign a priority number 1-5. They have No official meaning, only to your office staff. The Assign To section will assign the CMS item to an individual that has been entered when setting up users in the system. Assign the type of activity that needs to be done in the Assign drop-down menu. Add new ones by clicking the three dots button.

Assign a Due Date for this activity to provide a completion date. Add Start and Stop Times, leave it blank for an all-day event. The Custom field is used primarily to filter reports.

Clicking Email CMS will send the CMS Activity to the email address assigned to the Customer in the Customer List screen. Check the option Include Appointment in order to flag the email with an optional appointment time.

Notes can be entered on the bottom. You can timestamp the notes if needed by holding down the Ctrl key then D on the keyboard.

When it comes time to complete the task, CLIP will show your outstanding tasks when you log into the program. If the tasks do not open when you log into CLIP, then you can access them from Contact Management, Check Activities menu.

You can click View Tasks for all Users on this screen. If you have permission to View Tasks for all Users - click here for more information on Permissions in CLIP.

To complete the task, select the one you want by left clicking, then click the Mark Complete button. You can also mark it complete by double clicking the Activity, then click Activity Completed from that screen showing detail of the CMS Activity. In order to go straight to the customer, click the button that says Click to go to at the top of the Activities window. This will bring up the Customer List or File Maintenance window for that customer. Show CMS Until will show all CMS due up till the date chosen.

Let us know if you need additional information!

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