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[CLIPxe] CLIP2Go - Tips
[CLIPxe] CLIP2Go - Tips

CLIP2Go Tips Using Daily Recording In the Field

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  • After your first upload to CLIP2Go, your company can choose to upload "Route Sheets Only". This way, the upload won't take as long and CLIP will upload the new work for the day. By doing this, it will upload the new routes to CLIP2Go but keep the important customer data that has not changed.  

  • We recommend uploading as much work for your route sheets as your workers will need. Some companies will upload a week's worth of their route sheets to CLIP2Go!

  • After uploading your work to CLIP2Go, be careful about uploading again. If you do so in the middle of the day, that will kick the crews out of the application and they will have to log back in perhaps causing information to potentially change.

When you upload, CLIP2Go is converting the entire CLIP database to a web language for CLIP2Go. If you ever receive any error messages or any inconsistencies then please check the data by using the utility from Files > Other Utilities > CleanCLIP2GoWeb. Please make sure everyone is out of CLIP before running through this utility and make sure you have a good backup of CLIP.

This utility will ask to check notes in the system. Keep in mind that this process could take 5-15 minutes depending on the size of your CLIP database.

If you receive a message that CLIP found bad characters and has erased them, please do not worry. Your data is still intact. This simply means that it has successfully checked the notes to get them ready to upload to the CLIP2Go website.

If you get a Data Cleanup Report afterwards, this is normal. You can close this as this is just a report on what was cleaned up during that process.

  • You can receive CLIP2Go at any point and as many times as you like throughout the day. Please see the below video for steps on receiving work from CLIP2Go:

  • Marking jobs as incomplete or multi day in CLIP2Go is easy! Click the Start button, and then click End. CLIP2Go will ask you if the job is completely done. If you click Yes, it will be marked done like any completed job. If you click No it'll mark it as incomplete or as a multi day job, similar to how the CLIP program handles multi day jobs.

  • In order to group jobs together, you will first want to Start the job. Do this by clicking Add another. From here, you can click Back in order to go back to the list of jobs for the crew. Select the job and instead of having a Start button, it will say Add to Group. For more information, please see the short video below on grouping jobs in CLIP2Go.

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