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[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] Related Scheduling, How It Works
[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] Related Scheduling, How It Works

CLIPxe QCLIPxe Related Scheduling - Jobs can Relate to other Jobs - Multiple Crews doing Same Neighborhood ?

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The Not Related field allows you to tell CLIP to have this job come up on
the route sheets only when the specified job is on the route sheet. For example, let's say the customer is having you mow every week and edge every two weeks. You may relate the edging and the mowing. This way, the edging will only come up on the route sheets if mowing is also due to be done. That is, you will relate the job that is done less frequently (edging) to the job that is done most frequently (mow and trim all). You would first bring up the schedule
screen for the edging job under Files, File Maintenance or click Customer List icon on main screen.

Enter the Mow and Trim All job's number (1) in the Not related field on the edging job's scheduling screen and then click outside the field.

A screen will ask Do you want to change the Crew/route to
โ€‹be the same as the related job? Answer Yes. The Not Related will change to
do with Job # 1. Select the Save button. You have now related these 2 jobs
(Edging to Mow and Trim All). The same thing can be done for a number of
other less frequently performed jobs to jobs that are performed frequently.

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